Bullying In William Golding's Lord Of The Flies

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Lord of the Flies Good Copy Nearly 43% of all kids have been bullied online and 1 in 4 has experienced it more than once. Statistically speaking, almost half of all kids were cyber bullied. This makes people question the safety of the internet. Teens love making fun of others on the internet, they always want to the leader of a group, and they are doing all of these things because they’re practically hiding behind a mask, no one knows who they are or what they look like and this allows them to do things they would never do in person. The actions they take are very similar to the things the boys did in the book “Lord of the Flies”. After all, The Lord of the Flies Syndrome is still demonstrated by teens and youth of today on social networks…show more content…
When the boys got together on the beach and found out Piggy’s name they made fun of him: “‘Oh, Piggy!’ A storm of laughter arose and even the tiniest child joined in.”(17) Piggy was being made fun of just for his name, everyone was laughing at him because it was uncommon and kind of embarrassing. This type of situation is also very much present on social networks. Likewise, the same cruel comments are being made on Facebook: “Rickie is on a treadmill. A MMORPG is a treadmill that makes you fatter. NOW I UNDERSTAND.” - Leo Jia. Leo is making fun of Rickie because he thinks he is fat even though he was actually on a treadmill, and he posted this on Facebook, which theoretically means that the whole world could see him making fun of Rickie. From these two examples we can see that people love making fun of other people, and body weight is one of the most common things that are made fun…show more content…
Ralph and Jack had an argument about who should be leader. “‘Shut up,’ said Ralph absently. He lifted the conch. ‘Seems to me we ought to have a chief to decide things.’ ‘I ought to be chief.’ Said Jack with simple arrogance.”(18) Likewise Jack also tried to kill Ralph. Jack automatically recognized himself as the leader without anyone else’s opinion. He was absolutely aghast and enraged when Ralph was elected leader, he later attempted to murder Ralph to get him back for this. The competition to be leader may not be as dangerous as it is in the book, but there still are a number of similar cases: “I AM BETTER THAN ALL OF YOU AHAHAHHAHAHHAHA OBEY ME.” –Catherine Chen. This girl is claiming that she is better than everyone and is struggling to be the leader by putting down other people on social media. Jack and Catherine were both competing to be leaders, the example from the book was much more extreme and even life threatening while the example from Facebook was only verbal, but nevertheless it shows that a lot of people are in the competition to be

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