Terms And Conditions May Apply: Film Analysis

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Director, Cullen Hoback, in his documentary, Terms and Conditions May Apply, describes how the Internet has evolved over the years to become more public and unsafe. Hoback’s purpose is to warn viewers what could happen if the put too much personal information on the Internet .He adopts a forewarning tone in order to make the audience fearful for what could happen if they make their life too public. To begin the documentary, Cullen Hoback, displays a cartoon that depicts the difference between the real world and the cyber world. In the real world, the man goes to a clinic for foot pain. He signs a contract that states clearly that he is giving the doctor the right to diagnose him and prescribe him with medication. The same man enters the “Web Doctor”. Here he is bombarded with advertisements about different solutions to foot problems as well as companies…show more content…
Prior to the police discovering her body, the parents of Milly held onto hope that she may be alive because according to phone records Milly had opened and deleted her voicemails. Because of this, Milly’s parents thought she was alive and had deleted the voicemails herself. However, a group of politicians had hacked into Milly’s voicemails trying to uncover information about the story in order to be the first to provide the world with the news. This was the point when much of the public realized just how disgusting it was that the government was able to access any information. Milly’s parents had been given hope that their daughter was alive when in actuality she had already been murdered. Hoback appealed to the audience’s emotional side to make the viewers sad and realize just how serious it is that the government can access our information. They gave hope to parents and then ripped it away from them., and the viewers understand how awful that

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