Are Libraries Still Relevant Today

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Libraries: Still Relevant in Today's Digital Age In today's modern world, the necessity of libraries has been questioned. Now that answers can be found with the touch of a button, libraries seem to be obsolete. However, they are still vital to communities, even more so now than in the past. It is not the library that is out of date, rather the traditional role that they played. Today, libraries function as life lines in the case of emergencies, learning centers to aid citizens, and public-gathering spaces for the local community. When a community experiences a crisis, libraries are often the first place that citizens go for help. "[They] are important places for people to connect with their communities and find the resources needed to obtain assistance" (Source A). People flock to libraries in order to gain access to the free internet in times of calamity. Even though libraries are greatly valued during natural disasters, such as flooding and other devastating weather, this is not the only time that communities experience hardships. A more common challenge that cities face is an economic downturn, which causes many people to lose their…show more content…
These increases are blatantly obvious at libraries that are "even more service centered than before" (Source F). They have accomplished this by integrating new information technologies with the traditional print collections. Libraries now function as "multi-purpose learning centers" instead of just a building that stores information (Source F). They have achieved this by offering classes on topics from things like knitting and Shakespearean plays to more mundane things like how to fill out a job resume and college preparation. There are a seemingly countless number of classes offered to aid the general public, and as more libraries adapt to this day and age the number will only

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