Internet Privacy

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  • Positive Essay: The Negative Effects Of Social Media

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    How many times on a daily basis do you check your Facebook account? How many selfies do you post on Instagram daily? How regularly do you tweet? Make these unsophisticated calculations and you will understand that social network plays a significant role in your life. “Guess what I saw on Facebook last night?” The most common question of the decade amongst today’s youth. Nowadays, we dwell in the most remarkable technology epoch. Did you know that social media has become the number one activity on

  • Body Sensor Network Advantages And Disadvantages

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    I. Introduction Recently, the concept of the Internet as a set of connected computer devices is changed to a set of connected surrounding things of human’s living space, such as home appliances, machines, transportation, business storage, and goods etc. The number of things in the living space is larger than the number of world population[1]. According to Cisco, there will be 50 billion devices connected to the internet by 2020, creating $14.4 trillion of value at stake for companies and industries[2

  • Ict In Tourism

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    Moreover, using the online to make hotel room reservation has brought about a number of benefits. First, an individual can book room from home by using online security to protect their privacy and financial information. Unlike the past where personal information may be given to a middle party (Travel Agent), where there is risk of our information leaked out or sold to others. Secondly, individuals can use services provided by the online

  • Disadvantages Of Facebook

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    Facebook is the largest American online social media, social networking service and data processing. It has about 2.2 billion monthly active users of which gives Facebook a decent amount of data to collect from and make profit out of it. This is how it built up its business model based on information collection. Originally, Facebook’ idea was to connect people, but later it changed with the emerging opportunities it encountered. Other companies got attractive to Facebook due to the amount of collected

  • Importance Of Personal Information

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    Privacy of the individual Privacy is about defending an individual’s confidential data. Personal information is any information that allows others to identify you. We need to feel self-assured that our information will not be collected, revealed or otherwise used without our knowledge or permission. Personal information is required, quite rightfully by many organisations when carrying out their numerous function. This creates problems, how do we guarantee this information is used only for its envisioned

  • Is Technology Making Us More Alone Essay

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    Is technology making us more alone? Technology is supposed to make us feel more connected to people and to stay in touch with people. People are staring at their screens more than having face-to-face conversations. You could say that electronics are making us antisocial. People would rather be on social media more than playing a sport or being physically active. Technology is supposed to make us feel closer to each other, but actually it can make us feel more alone. Don’t get me wrong, social media

  • Online Seals Advantages And Disadvantages

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    also recognizing the value of exclusive offers and online deals to drive sales. And let's not forget how accessible the "World Wide Web" is to the average consumer. Whether you access the internet from work or home, on your mobile device or via free Wi-Fi at one of ten coffee shops down the road -- any road -- Internet accessibility has created an era of constant browsing, which is a behavior that is changing the landscape of "the consumer." As someone who works in the business of e-Commerce, I have

  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of E Banking

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    the other side it also has certain problem related to it. The technological advancement gives also some people to open the door for criminal activity also. The rising rate of cybercrime also makes the people to not trusting in internet banking activity. Earlier through internet banking only banking statements are introduced to the people but after that the money transaction is also done by the e-banking. Today even sitting in home one can pay bills, doing shopping and an all other services. But the

  • Essay On Science And Technology

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    SOCIAL CONTROL OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY Humans have lived on this planet for million years now, from being hunters and gatherers they shifted to agricultural societies perhaps ten thousand years ago. Science came into existence recently about three hundred years ago. Scientific revolution was crucial for the industrial revolution to start in Britain in 1800s. Industrialisation is a contagious process which had spread in the entire world especially in the developing countries since the end of Second

  • The Importance Of World Communication

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    nature of communicating has been forced to evolve due to the rapid advancement of technology. One other aspect which has speed up this process is the growth of the World Wide Web (Internet). The internet is simply a global inter-connection between computers across the world, to gain access to this type of connection an Internet Service Provider has to avail the service at a client’s request either through using a personal computer or mobile phone. Expenses have also taken a different toll along with these