Essay On Luck And Luck

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::Luck and Chance:: Invisible like the God we believe, impalpable like the air we breathe, luck and chance seem to be huge things which are dealing with our lives. But "luck"?! Is there really such a thing? How can a lucky or unlucky person explain that? What are the facts that show the existence of luck and its importance on destiny of human beings? There were many researches all around the world, in which people came up with different ideas but none of them was logical enough to convince them. What is written in this essay, is another shot of informative ideas and facts, begging to end in a result. Comparing thoughts of two people, a lucky and unlucky one, may help us reach a better level of understanding. Almost all of the lucky people are those who actually don't believe in luck and chance, While the…show more content…
Luck and chance was what he spent his life on. Thousands of interviews and experiments, readings and writing books finally seemed to be Convincing enough to even make him a famous person.” Luck isn't due to kismet, karma, or coincidence, But it’s the way you behave to create a fortune in your life” he said. His code of this idea is that chance is always there and it’s us who should see and catch it in order to make ourselves lucky. Through one of his experiments, Wiseman gave a newspaper to two groups of people, lucky and unlucky ones. Then asked them to look at it and tell him how many autographs are inside the newspaper. First group, the unlucky ones were silent for about 2minutes, counting the pictures, whereas it took just seconds for the second group. How? On the second page of the newspaper contained the message which covered half of the page: "Stop counting. There are 43 photographs in this newspaper." The massage was more than obvious and it was begging to be seen but still the second group missed it because they were busy on counting
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