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  • Things Fall Apart Feminist Analysis

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    Feminism grew out of women’s movement against the long history of bias against and inhuman treatment of women by patriarchal men. Feminists, especially in the West started expressing concern on the issue of sex, gender, and even language, which was the product of patriarchy. Postcolonial feminism refutes prejudiced power relationships. It started a fight for the equal justice and equal opportunity for women. We are familiar with the history that women were paid less than a man for the same work

  • Amusing The Million Analysis

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    Justine Sabo HIST 1302 Prof. Daniel LeClair 26 September 2015 Amusing the Million After the Civil War, many dramatic social and economic changes began to take place, moving American’s away from the genteel, “Victorian” culture they were used to and toward a more, “vigorous, exuberant, daring, sensual, uninhibited, and irreverent” one (6). In his book, Amusing the Million: Coney Island at the turn of the century, John Kasson, makes his thesis clear that with the rise of an urban-industrial society

  • Paul Renner's Influence On Art And Design

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    Paul Renner, famous for his typeface, Futura, is a product of the time he grew up in. He was born into the aftermath of the Industrial Revolution and the beginning of the modern world. Not only was he influenced by the modern world but, also the battle between the old Germany and the push for a more modern Germany. Alongside Germany’s technological progression, came the changes and conflict of politics. World War I and the Nazis had a great impact on the art and design in Germany and thus greatly

  • Westward Expansion Analysis

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    Theodore Roosevelt called the westward expansion of the early 19th century “the great leap Westward,” which was accurate in more ways than one. When Jefferson bought the Louisiana Purchase in 1803, the US practically doubled in size overnight and almost immediately, men and their families travelled with the hopes of beginning anew. The opportunities in the West were immense, with all the new land to farm, and the idea of Manifest Destiny. Manifest Destiny was the thought that Americans were superior

  • The Great Industrial Revolution Between 1760 And 1850

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    of living. The first major breakthrough happened through cotton production in America. As the rise in productivity spurred the economic growth, it remains to be the first step towards economic independence. The new economic strategies helped industrialization to expand in a fast pace. One of the strategies includes the “Outwork System” introduced during the peak of the revolution. According to this strategy, a larger production process is carried out through the involvement of small groups. For example

  • Ibalur Lake Case Study

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    water bodies surrounded by land on all sides sustaining an ecosystem in and around them. Lakes have been an integral part of the ecological system by providing natural abode for plants, animals and microorganisms. Increase in urbanization and industrialization has led to the destruction and in the reduction of lakes in the city of Bangalore, Surviving lakes in Bangalore are reduced to cesspools due to direct discharge of industrial effluents and unregulated dumping of solid wastes (Ramchandra 2007)

  • Migrant Malaysian Economy

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    that does not include very difficult things, dirt and very dangerous. All these causes creating opportunities to the immigrant to take a job since they are not selective and labors shortage would be solved. “Besides, the rapid development of industrialization and manufacturing activates also leads to the issue of labors shortage at all level” ("Foreign Workers And The Malaysia Economy", 2004/2005). It would be wise to take action of taking immigrant as their workers because immigrant will help in

  • Impact Of Digitalization On Demand Economy

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    Impact Of Digitalization and the On-Demand Economy On Labor Markets and the Consequences for employment and Industrial Relations M. HALIMABEE S. JAYASHREE M. KOKILA I B.B.A.K.C.S.KASI NADAR COLLEGE OF ARTS & SCIENCE, CHENNAI-21 Abstract Digitalization is transforming business landscapes and the world of work, and redefining the boundaries of production, consumption and distribution. This has created tremendous opportunities, as new products, processes and techniques have emerged, but has also

  • Origin Of Cultural Studies

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    Once Socrates said: “The unexamined life is not worth living” (Plato, 12) while making people aware about the necessity to evaluate life through the help of self-knowledge and wisdom. He believes in necessity of life evaluation for further improvements and betterment. The underlying principles of cultural studies has traces to Socrates’ statement. Cultural studies, as the theoretical and empirical analysis of culture, investigates the way cultural practices are related to various systems of power

  • Causes Of The Industrial Revolution

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    People had to find new ways to increase production. Manufacturing was often done in people’s homes, using hand tools or basic machines. The people had to look for more food and goods. The agricultural economy had changed into industrial country. Industrialization marked a shift to powered, special-purpose machinery, factories and mass