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  • Industrial Alienation

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    Industrial Revolution, which took place in the United Kingdom in the late 1700s, numerous agrarian societies in the West developed into industrialised societies. The industrial Revolution represented a shift to factories and mass production. Though industrialization produced diversity of goods and might have developed the living conditions

  • The Periodization Of Total War During The American Civil War

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    In the middle of the nineteenth century, historians created the term “total war” as a completely detached classification of warfare. By examining the concept of total war, the effects of similar wars as well as those involved, historians can further understand how total war drastically altered the course of history. Total war can be described as a periodization from 1860- 1945. As a separate class of war, total war is a form of war that is unrestricted in the terms of global scale, social and economic

  • Utilitarianism In Lord Of The Flies

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    We live in a world that’s constantly debating the value of nature. Some believe that nature should be used for the resources it provides. This utilitarian perspective on nature leads to a decreased value of nature itself, while also augmenting the value of resources, such as oil and timber. As a result, a utilitarian perspective dictates that the environment should be protected in order to provide resources for future generations. Contrasting environmental utilitarianism is the belief that nature

  • Animal Farm Rhetorical Analysis

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    Vladimir Lenin believed, “liberty is precious; so precious that it must be carefully rationed.” But, if absolute liberty should be rid of oppressive influences and excessive restraint, can a society with these hardships be truly liberated? Can the use of fallacious and promising labels such as liberty and freedom in fact bury unjust that lies beneath? Can one individual ever merit the power to toy with another’s rights? The animals on the Manor Farm yearn for a life that is free of human oppression

  • Industrial Relations In India

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    agriculture, industry, services contributes to 14%, 52.9 % and 32.3 %. China has an inflation rate of 1.2 % and an unemployment rate of 10.1 %. From 1981 to 2001, poverty rate in China has also declined from 53 % to 8 % due to the fast growing of industrialization.

  • Development And Development: The Importance Of Economic Development

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    According to Professor Michael Todaro, economic development is an increase in living conditions, improvement of the citizens self-esteem needs and free and a just society. It can also be referred to as the qualitative and quantitative changes in an existing economy. It involves development of human capital, increase in the literacy ratio, improvement in necessary infrastructure, betterment of health and safety services etc. Economic development is a government policy to increase the economic, social

  • Women In American Literature Essay

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    Literature: A Loud call to Action During the mid 1800s, America was a nation struggling to find a definitive cultural identity. Slavery was the dominant economic engine of the Southern States, and the North was beginning to move closer towards industrialization. Native Americans were displaced due to westward expansion, and there was seemingly a cultural battle between religion and critical thought. Those that thrived during this time period were individuals who enjoyed the full protections of the law

  • Jan Matzeliger's Shoe Lasting Machine

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    Jan Matzeliger and his ‘shoe lasting machine’ Jan Ernst Matzeliger was born on the 15th of September 1852 in what used to be Paramaribo – part of the Dutch colonies on the South American continent, known as the Dutch Guiana – now the Republic of Suriname. Although his mother was a black Surinamese slave, his father was a white Dutch engineer, sent to Paramaribo to manage government machine shops. This meant that Jan, despite the black colour of his skin, was born free, wealthy and educated thanks

  • Green Supply Chain Management Case Study

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    2.1 Introduction The purpose of this chapter is to review the existing literature pertaining to the core construct of the study. Mainly the constructs which are going to be explored in this study are based on the renowned two theories called institutional theory and resource based view theory. The reason to relate institutional theory on adoption of green supply chain practices is due to supply chain management involves the corporation and interaction among multiple stakeholders. Further, decision

  • How Did Stalin's Change In The Soviet Union

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    The Soviet Union underwent a great loss in 1953. The announcement of Stalin’s death came on March 5. The mysterious death of Stalin unchained the new directions of development hidden before. Logically, opinions regarding the past as well as future plans of soviet nations were not similar. At the funeral of Stalin were presented three speeches by Malenkov, Beria, and Molotov. Those speeches gave significant key messages to soviet people. Considering the fact that speeches of high officials were not