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  • Importance Of Monetary Policy

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    use the tools of the central bank in order to contribute to achieving the objectives of macroeconomic policy through the dominant trend line and the volume of money transfers In fact, people often understand that Fiscal Policy by the Ministry of Finance is responsible for implementing and monetary policy also operated by Central Bank 1.2. The objective of Monetary Policy and Fiscal policy ♦ The

  • Pros And Cons Of Crowdfunding

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    visit their favorite water holes and mumble to the Bartender, Waitress or possible to themselves, “I simply have to get that loan.” Or “I failed now what do I do?” It is difficult nowadays for a small business to operate without an adequate amount of finance or without fresh capital to inject into their operations. There is also the matter of private citizens who just

  • Swot Analysis Of Qlamic Bank

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    1. Introduction to Organization: International Islamic has come a long way since its establishment as a full-service bank committed to Sharia principles, on January 1, 1991. With 16 branches at convenient locations and some 75 ATMs across Qatar, International Islamic is well-placed to provide a full array of retail and corporate banking services to its growing customer base. A customer-centric bank, International Islamic role in the banking landscape is achieving prominence as Islamic Banking

  • Disadvantages Of Private Limited Business

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    customer & ensuring that their needs are met, privacy since the businesses financial information doesn’t need to be published (except to the inland revenue for tax purposes) However there are disadvantages such as: unlimited liability, shortage of finance since the owner is the only source of capital & this may prevent expansion, pressure of responsibility, lack of expertise in running the business

  • Challenges Women Entrepreneurs

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    ABSSTRACT: Women entrepreneur is any women who organizes and manages any enterprise, especially a business. Women entrepreneurs who engage themselves in business due to push and pull factors which encourage women to have an independent occupation and stand on their legs. A sense towards independent decision-making of their life and career is the motivational factor behind this urge. Saddled with household chores and domestic responsibilities makes the women to get independence. Under the influence

  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Sukuk

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    The sector is gaining in the Western world, also is evident from certain developments in Europe and the United States. Many countries in Europe such as the United Kingdom and France are working on a legal framework to develop a market for Islamic finance in order to become one of the Islamic financial centers of Europe. These European countries have made efforts to change their legislation to facilitate Islamic financial products and capitalize on the growth of the sector. Sukuk is considering as

  • David Sassoh Summary

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    Sassoon & Company which was involved in banking and finance. Sassoon David was the initiator behind the establishment of bank of India which is one the largest banks in India. He was the chairman of the bank for 20 years since the foundation of the bank in 1906 until his death in 1926. He began his career

  • Ar-Negara Malaysia's Financial Industry

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    introduction of Ar-Rahnu as micro credit instrument is the most appropriate mechanism to meet the demands of lower and middle income group to meet their urgent need and daily needs. In additional, it also provides capital to small and medium businesses to finance their rolling capital. Abd. Ghafar and Nur Azura (2005) stated that the importance of pawnshop as a credit resource in Malaysia financial market is difficult to estimate because Bank Negara Malaysia does not take into consideration the credit given

  • Manmohan Singh's Corruption

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    Manmohan Singh, a silent prime minister, not Manmohan Singh but Maun-Mohan Singh, a puppet of Mrs. Sonia Gandhi, and not the prime minister of India. Well, (mostly) every Indian today, is guilty of mocking and ridiculing the world-class economist and a global leader who was mishandled by the Congress party. He is an economist of a high order, he is the father of the Indian economic reforms, he is a man with integrity, and with patience. It is very easy in the times of intolerant today, to point finger

  • Disadvantages Of SME

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    equally begin to consider the possibility developing a version of the Grameen Bank type lending model which takes into consideration peculiarities of the Nigerian business environment- this has the potential of solving the challenge of access to finance. It is highly recommended that the government on all levels take steps to ensure the continued expansion and maintenance of the infrastructure in the country; Decisive and aggressive steps need to be taken on the issues of power generation, road construction