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  • Sharekhan Limited Case Study

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    retail. It has tied up with Bajaj-Allianz, one of the leading insurance companies in India for distribution of their insurance products. In a 200 crores rupees deal, LKP Forex and Thomas Cook India merged for the foreign exchange space in India • LKP Finance (NBFC) is registered with RBI and listed on BSE. • Established in 1948. The company went public in 1986. • Key businesses include Equity broking and Distribution, Fixed Income, Merchant Banking and Treasury. • Large client base of ~80,000 registered

  • Anthony's Orchard Case Analysis

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    The debt capital of the company is subject to the interest that the company has not yet started repaying and it was acquired 30 years ago as per the information found. Debt finance assists the company to decrease its tax liability because interest on tax is the allowable tax deduction. However, due to the company not being able to start repaying their loan, they will not be able to benefit from this allowance. It is vital for

  • Macy's Inc Case Study

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    In this field the financial career path involves; Finance Analyst-developmental position which enables on to learn the operational tasks in finance Manager- supervision of direct reports Director- responsible for department and results. Vice President –develop strategy and oversee the development of the department. Group Vice President - provides the overall strategy of multiple finance departments. Executive vice president- set the enterprise level in a strategic

  • Barriers Of An Entrepreneur Essay

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    Entrepreneurs are people with unique vision and the ability to take risk which other people might not take. According to the statement given “Sometimes the manager of the small business does not have the capacity to operate it successfully. The owner lacks the leadership ability and knowledge necessary to make the business work”, this reflects to the situation when the entrepreneur does not have the resources, in terms of financial, physical labour. The second line reflects to the point when the

  • Self Help Group Case Study

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    the economic and social factor. REFERENCES: 1) Suguna.B., (2006), “Empowerment of Rural Women Through Self Help Group”, Discovery Publishing House New Delhi, pp.14-15. 2) Karmakar, K. G. (1999). Rural Credit and Self Help Groups- Micro Finance Needs, and Concepts in India. New Delhi. Sage Publications, p.17. 3) Jerinabi, U. (2006), “Micro Credit Management by Women’s Self Help Groups”, Discovery Publishing House, New

  • Enron's Financial Scandal

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    As an outside auditor, Arthur Andersen had the responsibility “to help investors identify stocks that are good investments” by thoroughly inspecting Enron’s finances (Healy). However, according to an article in New Republic, “independent auditing — epitomized in this case by Arthur Andersen — [became] a toothless formality.” Because of the incentives that these independent auditing firms received from consulting

  • Business Case: Lim Chui Lai V. Zeno Ltd

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    Transfer of title by non-owners is defined as the buyer does not obtain a better title than the seller had when the goods are sold by a person who is not the owner and sells the goods without authority or consent of the owner in s. 27 of SGA 1957. In short, it can be said as no one can sell the goods and transfer the ownership of the goods to other unless he is the owner. This rule is further enshrined in the maxim ‘Nemo Dat Quod Non Habet’. It is a Latin phrase meaning that no one can transfer

  • Evolution Of Cities

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    York City New York’s history is continuous, stable, and triumphant. The city’s rose to dominance during the early nineteenth century and economic growth was driven primarily by New York’s advantages as a port. Manufacturing, immigration, and even finance followed from the supremacy created by the maritime. The ultimate success of New York comes from its role as the center of the global trading

  • Islamic Banking In Pakistan Case Study

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    The State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) is the central bank of Pakistan. The headquarters are located in the financial capital of Pakistan, Karachi with branch offices in 15 cities across Pakistan, including the capital city, Islamabad and the four provincial capitals. The State Bank of Pakistan looks into many ranges of banking to deal with changes in the economic climate and different purchasing and buying powers. Here are some of the banking areas that the bank looks into: 1) State Bank’s Shariah Board

  • Franco Mdigliani Analysis

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    Franco Modigliani was born in Rome in 1918 to Enrico Modigliani and Olga Flaschel. His father worked as a successful pediatrician while his mother was a social worker. As a young child and in his early teenage years Franco did not distinguish himself academically, this lackluster performance was further compounded by the untimely passing of his father in 1932, due to an unsuccessful surgery. It was only after a transfer to "Liceo Viscont" an extremely well-regarded academic school that Franco began