Pros And Cons Of Crowdfunding

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Many have experienced the uncomfortable and vexing feeling when they hear the dreaded words from the mouth of their Bankers or Lending Agents, “Sorry, we cannot grant you a loan because you do not qualify, nor do you meet the requirements.” After hearing such words some individuals become depressed and utter the soft cry of “No! Please do not do this to me, I must have this loan.” Once, their plea is ignored, some may even bang their heads on walls, while others visit their favorite water holes and mumble to the Bartender, Waitress or possible to themselves, “I simply have to get that loan.” Or “I failed now what do I do?” It is difficult nowadays for a small business to operate without an adequate amount of finance or without fresh capital to inject into their operations. There is also the matter of private citizens who just…show more content…
Crowdfunding can work in almost any civilized country that is governed by democratic laws. If you are able to send and receive money from any corner of the world, then it is safe to say that this democratic financing can work for you. What exact is Crowdfunding? It is a method of funding projects or business through the raising of a small handout of money from the willing heart of many kind souls, through the internet. It is like crowdsourcing or alternative source of money. Who can get involved in it? Anyone as long as it is a worthy cause, for doing good things for humanity, to start a business, to finance a device for creation that will benefit mankind, etc. The concept is not new, since, for century’s politicians and the nonprofit organizations have been doing this, however, today the internet makes it easier to obtain global attention and receive donations from a vast amount of people that could be received through personal

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