Revisionist History Research Paper

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When describing the term revisionist history, I think it is important to first understand the word revision. Merriam-Webster defines revision as a change or a set of changes that corrects or improves something. To build on that word, revisionist history is the term used to describe the corrections scholars make to historical accounts when errors, contradictions, or misconceptions are discovered. There are three major angles from which revisionist historians work; the social or theoretical perspective, the fact-checking perspective, and the negative perspective. The social or theoretical perspective investigates the past by looking at a situation from different perspectives. Events such as the Vietnam War, Civil Rights movement, feminist movement, Cold War, burgeoning globalization, and improved technology had a tremendous effect on shaping our country. Revisionist historians wanted the truth of these events to be understood. To accomplish this, revisionist look at how events effect different areas of society. There are four major perspectives, or lenses, that are taken into consideration when inspecting the effects of different events. The first is the political lens. This area covers foreign policy, local political structures, and…show more content…
To cut through all of the legends and gain a better understanding of the facts, historians collect information from new discoveries made by archeologists, anthropologists, forensic scientists, and other areas of scientific studies. There is a process for updating historical records to include new information. To begin the process, historical theses are published by scholars and researchers. Then, a conference is held where academic leaders evaluate old textbooks and discuss what new information should be added to the new textbooks. After the conference, work begins on the long process of writing and publishing of new textbooks and supplemental

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