How Does Plato Use Socrates Words In The Republic

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The human nature is known for repeating itself over the years the phrase, “Learn from history so you aren’t destined to repeat it,” is a phrase that shouldn’t be taken lightly. The reason why history is written in books is so people can be educated on the past. Some even take this in as their profession to study this, and that is an important logic today because then they can understand how the future can avoid such tragedies. There are several of these history buffs throughout the world, and they are the reason why some things have not happened. Yet, even with some of these great influences bad things still happen to the species of the world. Plato is known as a significant influence on the entire western society, but there are some things that he clarified during the dialogue, The Republic that can be argued against. The ideas Plato mentions in The Republic that could be argued against would be the system of education, the desire of justice, and the afterworld. Plato uses Socrates words in Republic to mention how he…show more content…
Socrates suggests that the reason why justice works is that people just want to achieve it. Although this is a wonderful observation, humans cannot just want to achieve justice if they do not understand what that even means. People are alive with the urge to live and survive; sometimes the only answer to this is survival of the fittest. Justice is not going to fit in well in that method, the people who want to achieve the right thing are the ones weeded out right away. However, later in The Republic Socrates does explain how he believes that people will want to achieve the good, but the point that is being argued is how he just assumes that people will want to achieve that

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