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  • Flickr In The Classroom

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    educational methods Flickr can have when used appropriately. Flickr is one of the many photosharing sites individuals access daily. The message being delivered in the meme is that these cavemen socially shared pictures before humans had a form of writing, let alone digital sites designated for photosharing. Knobel and Lankshear discuss the features and purpose of Flickr. Similar to other photosharing sites, individuals are able to upload, create tags, and

  • What Is The Difference Between Laurie Halse Anderson

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    Anderson is a very well known author born October 23, 1961 in Potsdam, New York. She has a younger sister named Lisa and her parents are Rev. Frank A. Halse Jr. and Joyce Holcomb Halse. At an early age, in school, she was very interested in reading and writing but, like most people she didn't expect to become an author. Down the road, when she turned sixteen she moved to Denmark on a pig farm as an exchange student for thirteen months. When she moved back she decided to go to college. First she went to

  • Personal Narrative: Obstacles In My Life

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    Five second may not seem like a very long time, but it is an eternity in the normal give and take of a conversation. Imagine a kindergartner or even a teenager waiting to respond. Throughout my life I have had many obstacles in my way from when I was very little to where I am now. When I was in elementary school I had speech problems,.It was really difficult for people to understand me. It took a lot of speech therapy to help me even remotely get better. Years later going in to Middle School I got

  • Applying Malcolm X's Solution To Literacy

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    It may not be a constitutional right to be skilled enough to read and write but everyone deserves an equal opportunity for such a task. For many who are able too, there are always the ones that struggle with literacy and are not really as proficient as the individuals who excel in this field. However, it is those individuals that conquer adversity that become icons and remembered. Malcolm X didn’t become known for his literacy skills but used them to master his speech and his incredible vision to

  • Symbolic Objects In 'Le Fresne' By Marie De France

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    Gunjan Mehta Medieval Women Writers October 5th 2015 In “Le Fresne”, by Marie de France, the use of certain symbolic objects form the plot of the story and even advance the character development. The robe made of silk which Le Fresne is wrapped in when she is found in the trees informs the porter in the abbey and his daughter that the baby they have found is born of “high degree.” This is an example of a symbolic object that causes a fluctuating shift of the identity of Fresne based on other characters

  • Empathy In Literature

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    wasn’t so good at spelling, grammar and punctuation but when I started to read books, I improved. Reading will make you more aware of character developments, plot outlines, sentence structure, and grammar. By reading literature, you are exposed to new writing styles which you could incorporate into your own texts. Studying literature provides you with new words and how those words can relate to other words. In result, your new vocabulary will aid you to speak more logically in various places. In the same

  • Reflective Essay: Exploring The Writing Process

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    There are times that I enjoy writing, and there are times I come up against a wall and can't seem to get an idea on paper to save my life. I actually enjoy the writing process depending on what I am writing about; if it is something of interest, the better the paper will be. I feel there are too many rules associated with writing that makes it more complicated than it has to be. To overcome that, I just write to get it all out on paper then deal with the rest later on. In order for me to write an

  • The Blurr Room Summary

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    The blurb is perfect in describing this read since the book is basically a longer version of it. As a reader you spend the year following Matt an intern on his rotations through different areas of the hospital ascertaining what area of medicine he wants to practice. During this intense time Matt slowly realizes he not only wishes to heal his patients physically but also gain a caring bedside manner finding it more complex than he fathomed. It’s noteworthy to this reader that one bona fide doctor

  • Importance Of Being An American Essay

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    Being an American means so many different things to so many different people from all over the world.Throughout this unit I have learned so many things and learned about so many people around the world who have a different interruption about being an American and things that represent America. I found this out by reading articles and reading different stories about how people move to America for their own reasons. So in this essay I will talk about the different meanings that people have about being

  • Tatiana Adjeare's Review

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    I feel that Tatiana Adjeare’s review of my work warrants a grade of a B. She deserves this grade because of her obvious thoughtful reflection on the unity and cohesion of my paper, word usage, and critiques of my transitions. Tatiana made sure she stressed the importance of unity and cohesion to me. She precisely communicated to me at which points in my essay she thought I was going on a tangent or that the flow of my paper was off. This was very helpful once I revised my paper. She additionally