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Authorship is the act of authoring something; this could be anything a book, a play, a painting. It is the creation or production of something. However a book and painting are a solo medium, they are usually a singular vision of an individual. An author can be of a collaborative medium, such as a film, a play, or the design of a building. It is more complex as there is not just the vision of one person, many people will have input into the final product. Directors have to follow the set story of a writer and they have to work with all the departments of a film. The director vision has other impute. Authorship is an idea that changes and it has developed over time. One idea that has developed is the idea of an auteur. A term that came from 1950s France as a person style of the director was becoming more prominent in Hollywood in films. Aueurism has become an evaluative method; an auteur is someone who has a large body of work that has recurring themes throughout. It must be clear that the Auteur has a…show more content…
In several of Tarantino’s film a nonlinear narrative is used. Tarantino does not tell stories in a traditional format, from start to finish, but rather with time jumps. Pulp Fiction (1994) opening prologue is seen again with in epilogue but this time characters stories are known and the audience not has an understanding of the events. The nonlinear the timeline allows for the audience too see where the characters will end up in the opening of the film. An auteur should also have recurring themes; Tarantino does this in the majority of his films. One of the best-known themes is Tarantino’s foot fetish, the use of feet are a noticeable in Tarantino’s work with regular close up shots. The most famous being from Kill Bill (Volume 1) when The Bride (Uma Thurman) tries to move her feet after being in a coma. Also dancing is a theme that Tarantino comes back in many of his

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