Literary Devices In Beowulf

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Reading can be one of the most exciting things as long as the reader is engaged in the text. However, the task of keeping the reader engaged relies on the author. It is up to the author to lure the reader into the world they have created in their writing. Author’s do this by utilizing literary devices. By using literary devices, the author can have any impact they want on the reader. For example, if the author wants to appeal to the reader’s senses, they would use imagery. If the author wants to appeal to the reader’s emotions, they would use tone. Often times, though, the author uses imagery to set the tone of the text. In both “Beowulf” and “The Most Handsome Drowned Man in the World,” the authors use imagery to set a tone that impacts the readers emotions. In “Beowulf”, the author establishes the tone through the use of imagery quite often. The author also tends to quickly change the tone of the text. This sends the reader on an emotional roller coaster. The section titled “The Battle With Grendel” demonstrates this because throughout the section there is a violent tone, then the author quickly…show more content…
Also, just like in “Beowulf,” the author of “The Most Handsome Drowned Man in the World” uses the tone to appeal to the readers emotions. Although it doesn’t occur as often as it does in “Beowulf, ” in “The Most Handsome Man in the World,” the tone of the text changes as the story progresses. For example, the story started out with a mysterious tone. “The first children to see the obscure, stealthy promontory that approached in the ocean believed that it was an enemy ship.” As the story continued, the tone lightened up and ended joyously. “because they would paint the fronts of their houses with joyful colors to eternalize the memory of Esteban,” Also, the other uses emotive language to impact the reader by using word such as
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