Comparing Bloody Men And Rondeau Redouble

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Compare two poems by Wendy Cope. You should write about: The ideas that the poet is trying to make you think about The language which the author uses to convey those ideas Your own thoughts and feelings about the poem I am going to compare the poem Bloody Men and Rondeau Redouble. I think that the poet in the poem Bloody Men is trying to show the reader and make them think about how men act towards women but also how fastidious women are about picking a partner. The poet in the poem uses a simile to say that men are like buses and throughout the poem uses the term bus as a metaphor for men. The quote ‘Bloody men are like bloody buses’ suggests that she may think of men as uncomfortable to be with as buses are uncomfortable.Just like you sit on a bus, in a relationship you have sex so maybe the poet could mean by this that women find showing their body to men uncomfortable as the men will maybe judge them on how they look and if they don't look as the men expect them to then they might leave them for an another women just like a person can get of a bus if they find travelling in it uncomfortable and not satisfactory to their requirements and find a better quality bus to travel on. This could also mean that men are unstable in relationships or their feelings as busses shake a lot and create an impression of being…show more content…
However, I personally don't agree with this statement as just like there are many awful men there are also many awful women which could even be the women who only seek the materialistic gains in men. The quote ‘The chinless type who made her feel ill-bred’ suggests that the man made the women feel like he was of a higher social class and therefore uncomfortable. This could be compared to the poem Bloody Men as the man also could have made the women feel uncomfortable by judging her on the way she

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