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  • Cursive Writing

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    Hailey Crocker Cursive: A Casualty of the Computer Age Over the years, the writing form of cursive has depreciated into a dying art. It's being taught less and less in class, which is for the better. Cursive is not a necessary skill anymore; our new technology and computers take the place of most penmanship these days. Teaching cursive in school should not be a requirement. Children should be taught to sign their name--as it will be needed later in life--but cursive does not hold the same significance

  • My Literacy Journey

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    Illiteracy didn’t mean anything to me except the inability to read and write, although it is an important aspect of being illiterate, but overtime I realized that illiteracy is more than that; it is a life journey of continuous education. My literacy journey started since I was a little child, I remember being a self-learner, especially because I am the second child in my family between two boys and there is not big difference in our ages, so my mother was busy taking care to my little brother and

  • Gilded Age Comparison

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    Gilded Age Comparison After comparing these two authors and the way they interpret the gilded age, i was able to notice how they both touch the topic in different ways. Both talked about the gilded age and its changes but with a different point of view and target Howard Zinn’s topic was the gilded age, but the name of the chapter in which he talks about the gilded age is called robber barons and rebels I believe his main focus was to talk about the way society grew and how crooked it was growing

  • Inside Her Pretty Little Head Analysis

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    activities such as analysing facts, deconstructing activity and following logic. The above is an example of plagiarism because: - The writer did not put the quoted text within a quotation marks “” - The writer did not cite the source The correct way of writing would be: Cunningham and Roberts (2012, p. 33) stated, “the masculine brain is more inclined to focus on activities such as analysing facts, deconstructing activity and following logic.” Reference Cunningham, J., & Roberts, P. (2012). Inside her pretty

  • Franklin Foer Analysis

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    Franklin Foer is a highly acclaimed American journalist, well-known for his eccentric and individualistic writings. His devotion to the World of Soccer has prompted him to write a perspicacious and thrilling book on the sport. The extract is from the book “How soccer explains the world: An unlikely theory of Globalization” which was published on June 29th 2004. The book presents a unique and brilliantly illuminating look at soccer, the world’s most popular sport, as a lens through which to view the

  • Michel De Montaigne Analysis

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    Humans have engaged in storytelling to help make sense of the world around them for centuries. Even our most primordial ancestors engaged in some sort of storytelling, it has almost been ingrained into our DNA to tell stories. If you asked someone why they want to hear other people’s stories, a plethora of possible reasons will come to mind. That is because the reason is different for everyone. Stories can be used to entertain, inform the audience, or be used as a persuasive technique. Stories from

  • Saif Ali Khan Analysis

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    Saif ali khan is a famous Bollywood actor also said to be the prince of tides. this article written by piyush roy is a magazine article which is proven by various literary techniques used throughout and the stylistic features he has covered along with disrupted structure he has used. This gives us as a reader a particular idea of how audience which are the Indians are familiar with the Bollywood blockbuster and the stardust icon awards as they get a little grasp of prehistory of one of the famous

  • Essay On Paraphrasing

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    In this epoch of globalization, the globe is increasingly developed on par with other developed nations. In an instructional context, plagiarism occurs when a writer deliberately uses someone else’s words, ideas, or other original material without acknowledging its author. Paraphrasing, summarising and quotation are technique to avoid plagiarism among student while work on their assignment before submitting it to their lecture. The importance of plagiarism can make the student fail in certain case

  • Foreign Language Literature

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    Writing research has foundations, which span the last 60-years, starting in the area of language acquisition theory in both behavioral and psychological areas of education research (Katayama, 2007). These foundational works formed the basis of why and how we teach, practice, learn and assess foreign language writing. The development of research in this area is not without their share of debate. Foreign scripts are defined in the context of this review as characters that not only have different phonetic

  • Charles Bukowski So You Want To Be A Writer Analysis

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    Charles Bukowski wrote a poem on what it takes to be a writer, it was titled “so you want to be a writer?”. It seemed like it was meant to discourage people from pursuing a career in writing. Bukowski’s work really reflects his life. The poem “so you want to be a writer?” is one of his many real-life opinions on a subject that he turns into a poem. Charles Bukowski writes pessimistic poems, because he is a pessimistic man. Bukowski was an underground writer; his poem was based on a depraved metropolitan