Argumentative Essay: Is Factory Farming Wrong?

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Factory farming Is Factory Farming wrong? Factory farms are places where huge amounts of livestock are raised for slaughter. The problem with factory faming is that the animals are confined to small spaces and terrible conditions which can have an adverse effects on the animals. That's why I think factory farming should be illegal. I think that's its wrong that we as humans exploit and abuse these animals so carelessly. Factory farming also causes problems for the environment and is overall unhealthy for people which is why I think factory farming should be globally banned. The pros to factory farming are very obvious, you can rear maximum amounts of livestock at a low cost which means that the food you buy will be cheaper. This may seem…show more content…
The animals that are living in factory farms are normally living in their own feces, vomit and sometimes among the corpses of other animals(Fox). That with the addition of poor ventilation and extreme crowding it can cause a lot of illness and harmful bacteria to end up in your meat. Nichols Fox a factory farm expert talks about how theanimals are given antibiotics through vaccinations, hormones, air handling systems, and bacterins to keep the animals from dying but even then there are still a slew of diseases that the animals contract. She also states that not only can the animals can contract an already existing diseases, but since bacteria is always evolving the antibiotic abuse could possibly create a whole new strain of disease to form and spread to people. Even if factory farms are careful to weed out any sick animals , if even one is ill it could cause an epidemic. The USDA found that 99 percent were contaminated with generic E. coli bacteria, which is evidence of fecal contamination. They also talked about how one E. coli infected cow can contaminate 16 tons of hamburger (qdt. in…show more content…
I think that's extremely wrong. I think it's time that we joined the ranks with counties like new Zealand, Canada and the U.K and made Factory farms illegal(Fox). If not for the animals for yourself and those you love. It's wrong to allow animals to live in such dire conditions especially if they're expected to feed us and keep us healthy. I feel like everybody who cares about the overall well being of the world will protest factory farms by either eating organic or by being vegetarian or vegan. It may seem like a lot to ask for but at the end of the day I believe that it's worth it to be able to say that there is no blood on your hands and that you are a healthy person because you will not let these factory farms spoil your food, health or your

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