Blume's Argumentative Essay: The Banning Of Books

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Some books are becoming more and more popular in modern century, especially science fiction series. For example, Harry Potter is one of the most popular fictional books in the world. Harry Potter series started out in 1997, it was every kid’s fantasy. However, some parents consider these kinds of books as evil, and they think it would influence their children’s grade, and their mind. So they would try to ban those books that they think it is necessary to remove from school classrooms and public libraries. In some people’s opinion, they do not think banning these genres books is the right action because every student has their own right to choose what kinds of books that they want to read. Furthermore, it is a wonderful thing when children enjoy the books that they are reading, and somehow, science fiction books can help with children’s brain development and assist for gaining more creative ideas that can help them academically.…show more content…
So, parents should not violate their children’s right to read the books they want to read and students should be protected by parents who are banning those books. In Judy Blume’s article, “The list of gifted teachers and librarians who find their jobs in jeopardy for defending their students’ right to read, to imagine, to question, grows every year.”(Pg213), she admits that students have the right to choose the books they want to read because imagining and questioning is necessary for children’s growth journey. Students could learn plenty of knowledge from the science fiction books other than text books as well. So adults who would ban those books should try to let their children read more books beside text books for seeing the world. Therefore, students have their right to choose the books which they want to read so adults should stop banning books that children would like to

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