Argumentative Essay On Daylight Saving Time

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Daylight savings time was originally put in place April 30th, 1916 in Germany and Austria. Since then it has dominated America. Over the years there have been many studies about it’s effects and it has become a topic of controversy. DST has been studied through so many different sources that there are many conflicting ideas about it and some facts overlap and should cancel each other out. It was originally introduced by Benjamin Franklin to reduce the number of candles used by people waking early and working in the dark. Then was proposed by George Vernon Hudson to the German Austrian Government in 1895, and by William Willett to the British Parliament in 1907 to take full advantage of daylight. Russia and the US implemented daylight savings in 1918.…show more content…
The US department of transportation determined that the electric usage is cut by 1% daily because of DST. (Source 1) One of the main reasons DST was created originally was to reduce energy. Daylight savings time also improves travel and tourism by 2% more revenue. Leaves more time for people to shop increasing economic activity and decreases crime because of there being more lit hours.(Source 1) These are all great things to improve our way of life. We all enjoy to have more hours and although we don’t like spending money we enjoys the benefits of a good economy. It is even proven by a study from Roger Ulrich in 1972 that less exposure to artificial lighting is healthier.(Source 1) The maximised amount of natural daylight prevents vitamin D deficiency and generally increases health. The most general goals of DST was to have the sunlight observed by the mass population, decrease use of energy, save lives through making people healthier or reducing traffic accidents, and improve the

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