Argumentative Essay On Life After Death

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The title says that there is life after death but what is our idea on death itself? In religious terms, when our body is separated with our spirit then that is death. But the common understanding about death is the permanent stop of all our organs which would no longer process. Legends also say that an old man holding a scythe has the power to destroy or end a person’s life, people call this old man as “The Grim Reaper.” But with all these ideas about death itself would you believe that there is such thing as life after death? Do you believe in death? For me death symbolizes that our time here on Earth has already ended. Time is a tool in our minds, which means time is our inner sense which perceives existence. It does not only perceive existence, emotions and thoughts but time is a…show more content…
But according to our religion it is said if we people have been bad in our lives on Earth then that means that we are going to be tortured in hell. I am really confused on the concept of hell. Why? Because the bible describes our creator as the most forgiving father. Even if you have done many mistakes He is still going to forgive us. If He really is a forgiving Father who gives many chances to make people change so what is the sense of having hell? Does hell really exist or it is just for show to make us do everything right so we would be afraid on making mistakes or wrong doings? Do our minds still work after death? Scientists prove that our minds will not work after we die. Because there is no blood circulation that is happening inside the body and the blood is not flowing inside the brain. But I think that our minds would not really work after death. It is because the mind and brain can not be separated. The mind and the brain work and function at the same time. So if the mind and brain work at the same time it means that our minds can not work after we die because when we die our brain is not

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