Argumentative Essay On Women Playing Sports

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"I was not tired physically… No, the only tired I was, was tired of giving in." (Parks) For many of years people have put women down when they tried to make a difference or tried to do something that was only meant for men. Women for the longest years have always been judged for certain things like and treated differently than in the eyes of men and even women. Even during the racism time the women seemed to have it a little worse than the men in slavery. During this time the men were outside working while majority of the women were inside houses doing maid work like cooking and taking care of children. Women for many of years had to endure this until now. Women started to get involved in many things that they weren’t allowed to do such as sports and even getting jobs which had made a big difference for them. However, the biggest thing that people to this day still talk about is women playing sports. There has been multiple of sides as to whether or not women should do sports or should not.…show more content…
Scott sears, who missed a few shots, apologized and began to sweat. Henin missed nothing, ever. Most eyes turned on her now , drawn by the silence of the practice, which was interrupted only when rodriguez, to whom Henin kept turning for assurance, issued a gentle “marche” every once in awhile.”(513) As you can see from the passage the overall statement is that women are starting to become more competitive and some would dare to say better than the men. In the book it talks along about how the William girls were the ones that really raised the bar high for many of the women in today’s world and how a lot of them look up to them. Yet, people still don’t care how much they practice or how hard they train. They still will stick to male sports because they think it’s more aggressive, entertaining, and it’s aired more on television than any of the women’s

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