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  • Role Of Language In Advertising

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    language of advertising is not a new phenomenon. However, the present study is distinctive and contributory in certain ways. It aims to present characteristics of the language used in commercial advertising in Yemeni print media and to find out how language is used to work in these advertisements. In order to do so, for the sake of clarity, discussion of basic linguistic concepts, like word, phrase clause sentence and meaning have been introduced. It is the first study in advertising in Yemeni print

  • Essay On Pepsi Advertising

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    ANS 1 Advertising is a paid form of communication and publicity is free of cost. Advertising is constantly present, even though people may not be alert of it. In today's world, advertising uses every probable media to get its message communicated. they do this via television, direct selling, print (newspapers, magazines, journals etc), sponsorships, radio, press, internet, hoardings, mailers, contests, posters, clothes, events, sounds, visuals and even people (endorsements). Advertising is mainly

  • The Importance Of Celebrities In Advertising

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    2.1 CELEBRITY ENDORSEMENT Celebrity can be defined as a person who holds fame and recognition in the public and own exclusive attributes like physical attractiveness, expertise and reliability (Hayat, Ghayyur, & Siddique, 2013). People who are well known among significant portion of public due to the publicity connected to their lives are known as celebrities (Rai & Sharma, 2013). Celebrities are well known to the general public and they use their social ranks to make impression on people while representing

  • 3d Visualization In Advertising

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    THE AID OF 3D VISUALIZATION IN ADVERTISING What is 3D visualization/rich media advertising? Rich media is one of the most preferred advertising media. 3D visualization involves the use of highly attractive as well as interactive ad display and they tend to hold the attention of the consumers more as compared to the other forms of advertising such as the banner ads. 3D visualization is of high quality and they include animations as well as visual and audio streaming which has been undoubtedly enabled

  • Essay On Digital Advertising

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    Digital Advertising Shows - The Brand New Trend in Traditional Outside Marketing Among the large trends in present day marketing products are digital advertising shows. Nowadays, the typical posters, ad banners and advertisements are not enough and don't exactly catch just as much attention as before. Generally, drivers and people on the streets ignore them and no more browse the marketing message in individuals advertisements. They lack impact and looks. For this reason a lot of companies take

  • Features Of Postfeminism In Advertising

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    Advertising today plays a massive role in the modern economy and social life. It is a powerful tool for drawing audience's attention and persuading them to buy certain products. Therefore it is essential for advertisers to respond to public opinion and relate their advertisements to socio-cultural changes. Thus, the increasing feminist critique resulted in an emergence of new kinds of advertising, which could relate to the era of 'postfeminism'. The notion itself, it should be noted, has various

  • The Importance Of Tobacco Advertising

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    becoming curious about buying from businesses that employ in honest and moral advertising activities. (Carpenter & Erdogan, 2016). Heightened client sensitivity to unethical business practices is partially a result of the collective efforts of consumer activist teams and media that have delivered to public attention examples of the unfair business practices that are otherwise unnoticed. (Sundaram & Mitra, 2007). Tobacco advertising is one of the most debated topics on whether it can qualify as ethical or

  • Product Placement In Advertising

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    To illustrate, advertisers of unethical companies that produce dangerous products such as guns, cigarettes, and alcohols exploit the opportunity ofshowing their products through films or TV shows; that could be considered as negative advertising. For example, the product placement used for the Corona beer in the “Fast & furious” movies Like when Vin Diesel said in one of the movies “pick any beer you want as long as it’s a Corona”. Using product placement for a dangerous product like corona

  • The Reasons To Ban Tobacco In India

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    could probably guess, there were those that took sides and sparked serious outrage over this ban. Those sides were simply those that supported the ban and those that opposed it. There were many that supported the decision to ban tobacco advertising in India. One of the reasons was a simple one: because tobacco kills. Tobacco has been affecting the health of millions worldwide. According to the article entitled “Ban on Tobacco Ads by the Government of India”, it references that the “World Health

  • Essay On Online Advertising

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    Online Advertising Plan The main reason we make an advertising is because to build and increase brand awareness of our product with potential buyers and also to introduce our skin care product to customer so that they can understand more and attract to buy it. Besides that, we want to position our company in industry and our presence known to target audience. There are many ways to advertise product or services and one of it is online advertising. For our skin care product, online advertising is the