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Task 1 In this task will describe the promotional mix used by two organisations which are Coca Cola Company (Coca Cola) and Kellogg Company (Corn Flakes) for selected product or services. Coca-Cola is an American company for soft drinks such as coca cola, sprite, Fanta etc. The most famous product is the drink of Coca-Cola, while the company produces more than 3,500 drink .It distributes its products in more than 200 countries around the world, and consumption is about 50 billion of the company's products a day around the world. The company was founded in 1892, but the very beginning was when Dr. John Barberton mixed Coca-Cola syrup with sparkling water in his lab in 1886, in Atlanta, New York. In 2011, The Company got the title of…show more content…
Sales promotion: Is one aspect of the marketing activity for the products. It aim is to increase sales or acceptance of the new product, create brand value, positioning in the market, to respond in kind to competitors and create a picture of the company. Coca-Cola and Kellogg is among of companies that us to promote their products as all are because of making their products to be known as Coca or Cornflakes for different people. For example Coca-Cola Company use to promote their products as Buy One Get One Free, this is their powerful key to attracting more customers and recognizes their products like Coca. In the picture at a side shows like coca cola they use to promote their products as buy one get one free and also they use Father Christmas to promote their goods. And through Kellogg, they use to offer different things like free ticket as it’s written on the picture at the…show more content…
The main objective of Kellogg Company is to produce this product for those who prefer their children after waking up to eat anything or before they go to school. Widely elders who bought this product (cornflakes) are those who live in cities and whose lives (or life) are middle classes. And those who likes or use this kind of product in those who care and love for their children. What's more, they chose to make the quality and healthy items that they will need promotion support (advertise) through the television, radios etc. Since it helps society to know what products they produce Kellogg. Price Kellogg has different pricing strategies for reducing the customer's needs. Also Kellogg use to set prices to promote products when someone (or customer) buy their products like cornflakes in wholesale the prices are becoming lower, for example if the box of cornflakes has the price of 2.5 rials, when the wholesale of 12 pieces being sold for 25 rials only which will be the same as everyone will cost 2 rials only. Furthermore, Kellogg's' products are not very expensive but their prices are higher than their competitors. Also, the people praise the company because of their products are best, that’s why customers buy their products they know the company producing good and healthy

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