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Nescafé coffee is an advertisement that comes from Nestle company. This ad introduces with people about the new product of Nestle company, it called Nescafé coffee and it was create to try to grab people attention and persuade them to buy Nescafé coffee. Especially, this ad is target to people who usually like drinking coffee or who are studying or working. By using color, structure, ethos and pathos method, this ad is trying to get audience’s attention and make them feel like wanting to try this coffee. The company use the red as the main color for the ad and they use white color as the background to highlight the red color. They put the name of the product at the bottom, in the center of the ad and they put the company brand at the left…show more content…
This ad uses the red as a main color for the ad, red is a hot color which has a strong influence, affecting the space around it so people usually use it when they want to get attention. Besides that, this ad also mixed red with different color like yellow and white. Red and yellow are the hot colors, showing the image of fire and creating a feeling of excitement and strength. The logos, advertisements, and restaurant menus typically feature these colors, resulting in a research indicated that hot colors will deliver the highest advertising effectiveness in the field. The hot color gives people a sense of appetite and appetite. Many restaurants and fast food chains use only red and yellow in their ads. Typically, McDonald's and that's why they used this method for their ad. Beside that, they also use white color, white contrasts with red, so the combination of these two colors makes the print ad more prominent. In addition, "blank space" - the solid red color contrasts well with how busy a magazine page might be, which make the viewer get more attention into the…show more content…
To encourage, remind consumers to try Nescafé products. In addition to the above objectives, the advertising program also aims to create a good impression of customers about the Company and products of the company, to enlist the favor that customers have for their brands. Through the advertising program, consumers not only know the presence of Nescafé products but also sympathetic to it. This is an initial advantage to lead customers to the product consumption of the company. They use ethos by putting their company brand at the bottom of the ad to convince customers to trust the product. As many people know Nestlé is the largest food and beverage group in the world so they put the company brand make the product get more people attention and acquires the trust of more people. In addition, they are also use pathos to persuade the viewer. They draw a heart is made by the smoke of the hot coffee to show that everyone will love this coffee when they drink it. the heart is also means, for those who never drink coffee or do not drink much coffee will love this coffee and for those who love drinking coffee will love this coffee more. Or the heart can mean that everyone will love it right after they smell the smell of this

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