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  • Child Poverty In Canada

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    In as much as the perception varies, everyone has an idea of what it means to be poor. It refers to a situation where individuals find it hard to meet the basic needs of food, shelter and clothing. The objective of the research paper will be to compare the rate of child poverty in Canada to India. The research paper seeks to explore the main causes of child poverty in Canada and in India along with the effects of poverty on children. Additionally, the paper seeks to assess some of the approaches

  • The Importance Of Domestic Violence

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    scalds, dental injuries, jaw injuries, oral soft tissues injuries, homicide). 1 Physical abuses include sexual abuses such as forcing wife to sexual intercourse, coercing (forcing) sexual acts and marital rape; it results in unintended pregnancies, abortions, adverse pregnancy outcomes (such as low birth weight or perinatal death, maternal morbidity or even mortality) and sexually transmitted

  • Care Value Base

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    The Care Value Base The Care Value Base is ‘A range of standards for Health and social care. It is designed to guide the practice of professionals working in this area. The overall aim of the standards is to improve client’s quality of life, by ensuring that each person gets the care that is most appropriate for them as an individual’ (Classroom Notes, 2014). It is important that the Care Value Base is in force so that patients are not at risk and that staff don’t take advantage of patients that

  • Dorothy Day Research Paper

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    According to Dorothy Day and many other pacifists, the way to avoid war is by use non-violence and by getting rid of all the social ills that bring suffering and discontent to people. Dorothy Day was a committed pacifist born in New York who gave up most of her adult life helping the poor and fighting for their rights. She led many protests against wars. Early life Dorothy was an American journalist, a social activist, a religious figure, a women rights activist and a dedicated catholic convert,

  • Debra Elkins Human Trafficking Essay

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    this case; Debra Elkins would threaten to end her pregnancy every chance she would get if the couples wouldn’t deliver the money she was asking for when she asked for it. Although she wasn’t guilty of human trafficking, because of her threats of abortion Debra Elkins was guilty of extortion. Women like Ms. Elkins use their unborn children to get hundreds of thousands of dollars from desperate couples and aren’t prosecuted because they haven’t committed a crime. Because of this, thousands of couples

  • The Importance Of Maternal Death

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    Some reasons for maternal death can include postpartum bleeding, hypertensive disorders of pregnancies, problems caused by unsafe abortions, postpartum infections and obstructed labor. There are numerous pre-existing conditions that that can be factors in the death of a woman. These can include malaria, anemia, HIV/AIDS and cardiovascular disease. All these diseases can complicate the

  • The Malleus Maleficarum: Witchcraft During The Middle Ages

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    Witchcraft which was a very ancient thing became linked with heresy during the middle ages. Due to a lack of scientific knowledge natural disasters, sudden deaths, plague, famine and other things that could not be explained were thought to be witchcraft. As Montague Summers stated in his introduction to The Malleus Maleficarum, people needed a way to explain the unexplainable, “Witchcraft was a way for ordinary people to make sense of the world around them.” In the context of the religious

  • Can I Live By Nick Cannon: Song Analysis

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    well-known anthem for the pro-life movement. The song depicts the story of Nick Cannon’s mother when she found out as a teenager she was pregnant with him. The song tells how his mother was seventeen when she became pregnant and was going to have an abortion but decided against it after hearing his heartbeat. One of many touching lyrics in the song state “I ain't passing no judgement, ain't making no decisions…I am just telling ya'll my story, I love life, I love my mother for giving me life, we all

  • Al Gore: An American Hero

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    times, during 1976, 1978, 1980, and 1982. Once Gore felt he has done enough in the House, he moved onto the Senate. He ran for a seat in 1984 and secured a seat effortlessly. During his time in Congress, Al was considered a moderate. He opposed abortion and homosexuality; both decisions

  • Essay On Cultural Relativism

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    The journal titled Cultural Relativist and Feminist Critique in International Human Right is basically talking about the similarity and the tension between two major groups which is Cultural relativism and feminism. They both critique about International Human right. The newest critique happened in United Nation Conference in 1994 that discussed about Family planning and the rights of women to control their own body. The Cultural relativist people oppose those action regarding it is violence their