Al Gore: An American Hero

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Al Gore: An American Hero People can be heroes no matter how big or small their achievement is. Whether it is saving a cat from a tree, or stopping a terrorist, heroes are everywhere. However, some people are known as famous modern day heroes. Al Gore is considered a modern day hero because he is courageous, hardworking, and cares for the planet. Al Gore is a very courageous man. “Despite not being required to enlist, he joined the army by choice. He stated that, “If he found a fancy way of not going, someone else would have to go in his place” (“Al Gore”).” Even though nearly all of his Harvard classmates avoided enlistment, and frowned upon it, Al pursued joining the Army anyways. The reason for Al’s adamancy on enlistment was that…show more content…
Even though Gore was never in any real dander, he was still able to see how many South Vietnamese so badly wanted freedom” (“Al Gore”). No matter who servers in the military, it all helps attribute to Americans having the freedom that is known and loved by all. Al was hardworking when it came to politics and new breakthroughs. “Going against his parent’s wishes, Gore quit law school to run for the House of Representatives. He won the election for a seat in the House four times, during 1976, 1978, 1980, and 1982. Once Gore felt he has done enough in the House, he moved onto the Senate. He ran for a seat in 1984 and secured a seat effortlessly. During his time in Congress, Al was considered a moderate. He opposed abortion and homosexuality; both decisions…show more content…
“In 1990, Gore helped run a three day conference which aimed to create a Global Marshall plan for helping to clean up the environment. Also, in the late 90s, Gore pushed for the passage of the Kyoto Protocol. The Kyoto Protocol promoted for the reduction of Greenhouse Gases in the US” (“Al Gore”). Al Gore has spent much of his time organizing groups and investments to help the environment. In 2004, gore co-founded the General Investment. A few years later, he also founded the Alliance for Climate Protection, which that organization eventually led to the founding of We Campaign. Another group Gore also helped found was the Live Earth entertainment group. The goal of Live Earth is to perform at varieties of places to help spread awareness for ecological issues” (“Al Gore”). Al Gore made the extra effort into environmental awareness and organizations which help keep things as natural and eco-friendly as

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