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  • My Experience With ADHD

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    I ruined countless pens, erasers, and crayons from messing around with them during class. My teachers and my parents didn’t understand why I had such destructive tendencies. I didn’t understand either. Even after getting much-needed treatment for ADHD, I kept ripping apart my erasers, bursting my pens, and making origami with index cards. By the time I transitioned to middle school, I hadn’t outgrown it, even though the teachers were stricter and that sort of behavior wasn’t tolerated. To make

  • ADHD Rhetorical Analysis

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    In the United States alone there are approximately 6.4 million kids between the ages of 4-17 are diagnosed with ADHD. Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a mental disorder, which causes above-normal levels of hyperactive and disruptive behaviors. People who have ADHD tend to have a difficult time with sitting still, paying attention and controlling their impulses. Websites like Center for Disease Control (CDC) and Healthline have been created to help those in need. These websites not

  • Adhd Informative Speech

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    of the astonishing 15% of school age children are believed to have learning disabilities. Even more concerning is the fact that you are also part of an estimated 20% of these children who may develop deficit/hyperactivity disorder otherwise known as ADHD. You have difficulty understanding and following new concepts and once diagnosed with a learning disability of dyscalculia, it became clear that your parents are in the 35% of whom have serious concerns about their ability to cope with their children’s

  • Hidden Dangers Of Adhd Essay

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    Hidden Dangers of ADHD Medication ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) is a disorder that causes an individual to not have the ability to control certain behaviors. All individuals that have the disorder ADHD do not carry the same symptoms. Some children that are diagnosed with ADHD are very talkative, easily distracted, and may have a hard time sitting still. There are other treatments besides medication that may help some of these symptoms. Adjusting the environment and behavior modification

  • ADHD Chapter 6 Summary

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    characteristics of ADHD attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. After child is diagnosed with ADHD services surrounding special education and IEP's are provided. Studies of shown that in the last 15 years that the brains attention and Inhibition have decreased with the control. Therapy of cognition behavior is incorporated with technics of self-evaluation, self correction, and self talk that are shown to be effective with additional medical treatment. The daily tasks for parents of students with ADHD may be

  • The Day I Went Wrong With Adhd

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    The day I was diagnosed with ADHD was a day that lifted the confusion of how the last couple years of my life had been. Before being diagnosed I didn't have an explanation as to why I acted the way I did. I tended to get in trouble at school and at home because I wasn't able to focus and sit still. I thought that because it was hard for me to do what I was told and because I could never focus and I was all over the place all the time that something was wrong with me. In a way I guess there was but

  • Multi Methodology Essay

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    study "What is the Social Impact of ADHD in Girls? A Multi-Method Assessment" this study was used to determine how social interactions impact girls with ADHD and girls with ADHD plus ODD. The researchers found their participants using local advertisement, and ADHD support groups. The participants were a group of 80 girls’ ages ranging from 9-12. 18 of the girls had ADHD only, 22 of the girls had ADHD + ODD, and the other 40 girls were the control group. The ADHD group had three criteria they had to

  • Rhetorical Analysis

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    disorder (ADHD). This is a mental disorder, which causes above-normal levels of hyperactive and disruptive behaviors. People who have ADHD tend to have a difficult time with sitting still, paying attention and controlling their impulses. Originations such as the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and Healthline have created websites to help those in need. These websites not only inform the reader, but they use rhetoric to persuade individuals they should get their child checked out for ADHD. Both CDC

  • Pros And Cons Of Amphetamines

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    made apparent in the field of medicine. Presently, one such topic of controversy is whether or not doctors are over prescribing amphetamines to patients they believe to have Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). It is no question that some may require the assistance of the medicine, however, this medicine is being prescribed to too many that do not require the assistance of medication. Doctors are prescribing amphetamines to many who do not need

  • Why Reading Should Not Read

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    Approximately 32 million adults in America are considered to be illiterate, and about 14% of the entire adult population cannot read. Most of the blame for the literacy rate being so low in America is put on the educational system when in reality there are multiple things that cause people to not read. As James Patterson said on, “Sorry, moms and dads, but it's your job -- not the schools' -- to find books to get your kids reading and to make sure they read them.” One of the biggest reasons