Essay On Cultural Relativism

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The journal titled Cultural Relativist and Feminist Critique in International Human Right is basically talking about the similarity and the tension between two major groups which is Cultural relativism and feminism. They both critique about International Human right. The newest critique happened in United Nation Conference in 1994 that discussed about Family planning and the rights of women to control their own body. The Cultural relativist people oppose those action regarding it is violence their faith to religion (Catholic and Muslim). Some reservation argues that “No country and no civilization has right to impose its political, economic, and social orientations on any other people”. The major resistance here is come from the rooted religion…show more content…
Both Feminist and cultural relativist should try to find the way to solve the gender equality issue but also respect the cultural fundamentally. The cultural relativist also need endorse their idea by women as the bridge to talking to the feminist about the best way to protect the women in their country (Reitman, 1997). Also the relativist could customize how to improve the women’s right by doing the research about the women needs in its country, so they could make law that suitable for their principal culture. I want to add that relativist needs to be consider that ‘each individual should have the right to practice his or her culture and traditions, but likewise, each individual should have the right to reject them’ (Brem, 1997) I support that statement so the individual would not feel forced to do something under the state. In other hand, Feminist also needs to convince to the relativist that label for of the woman is not only made by the western, but the feminist do that for the sake of women’s good and dignity. That’s why I think by putting side their egos, and not doing the hidden politic, they would able to find the proper way to solve without feel
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