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  • Sharon Begley Stuff Your Brain Summary

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    “Buff Your Brain” by Sharon Begley explains how a person’s IQ can change over years. According to the article, by training people with short-term-memory tasks like remembering letters that appear on a screen. In my opinion, just being able to remember some letters on a screen is not an indicator of how “smart” you are. Intelligence has more than one form and people aren’t just stupid or smart, period. Yes, working on short-term-memory can be a useful skill, however just because someone has a hard

  • Essay On Seating In The Classroom

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    Introduction Classrooms today are changing pace with an ever-evolving world where students are introduced to new technology and collaborative learning at a young age. Alongside this, individual differences exist in how students learn. Learning styles vary among students and one type of learning is not a one-size-fits-all approach that will reach each and every student. Recent studies in educational research have allowed researchers to develop understandings into different areas of classroom seating

  • Song Analysis: Does America Even Care?

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    Does America Even Care? Green Day is a popular punk band. In the 2000s they released their album American Idiot with political themed songs such “American Idiot,” Jesus of Suburbia,” and “Are We the Waiting.” Similar to “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen “Jesus of Suburbia” is written like a rock opera and written into five subtitled parts. The song is written as a narrative through Jesus of Suburbia’s point of view. “Jesus of Suburbia” is calling out America on no longer caring for its people because

  • Psychoactive Disorder Case Study

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    was, I concluded that his outer appearance is a big influence for this preference. He lives with his mother whom he adores very much and his older sister, which he also has a very close relationship with. Davin is currently taking Methylphenidate for ADHD. He’s cognitively delayed, has been in speech therapy since 2nd grade and is hypersensitive to some sounds-all placing him on the autistic spectrum. Despite all this he was very cooperative during the interview and shared as much as he could. Skimming

  • Percy Jackson Biography

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    What would you do if your stepdad was a jerk and you never had any real friends? Well, that is exactly what happened to Percy Jackson. Percy, a dyslexic with ADHD, is sent to a special school. There he meets Grover who becomes Percy’s new friend. Grover takes Percy to Camp Half-Blood, a training camp for demi-gods. At camp he also meets Annabeth. Together they go on a quest to save the world. This book is an action packed, mythological fantasy created by Rick Riordan for those of you who love

  • Should Student Athletes Be Allowed To Engage In Sports

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    If student athletes were required to maintain a definite grade standard to participate in sports, a majority of skilled athletes wouldn’t be professional. DMS students should not be required to sustain a “B” average to be permitted to engage in recreation of sports because, some students struggle academically, causes added stress, and teams will lose valuable players. In what way is it just to students who struggle in the academic field already to be forced upon a new standard? It is a known fact

  • Reaction Paper On Nature Vs Nurture

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    psychological scientists can tease out the difference between nature and nurture. To do this, scientists compare identical twins, who have nearly the same DNA, with fraternal twins, who generally only share about half of their DNA. The researchers found that ADHD behaviours, reading achievement, and math achievement were all influenced by the same genetic influences. Although common genetic influences are a typical result from twin studies but what the actual environmental influences are not

  • Substance Abuse In Joyce Carol Oates 'Landfill'

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    Drug addiction and abuse is an epidemic across all cultures. The relation between the two suggests an interrelated issue amidst the cultures. Culture and substance abuse is intertwined because of the publicity and romanticized image proliferated throughout media and personal experiences, particularly in Greek-life of college campuses. In Joyce Carol Oates’ short story Landfill, Hector Jr. is a clear victim of the glittered image of binge drinking. Today, and for many years, Greek-life culture on

  • Down Syndrome Documentary

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    Through the efforts of HBO and associates, I was able to conduct a virtual observation of a child with special needs. HBO was able to create a meaningful documentary that showcased exactly what it was like for a child who had a certain disability: Down syndrome. This documentary was able to shed light on a disorder in an informal way in order to get the real experience of living with this disorder. In my experience I observed one male who had Down syndrome. I observed this child within a variety

  • Steven Johnson Why Games Are Good For You Summary

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    In the article "Why Games Are Good for You" by Steven Johnson, Johnson analyses pop culture pastimes in order to further the position that games can help the human brain. Johnson is a firm believer in high levels of reading and finds that if reading is not present in our daily lives we do not attain high levels of knowledge. Knowledge is essential for growth and development and therefore is necessary. Johnson explores the idea of games having a positive impact on the human brain and can advance certain