Substance Abuse In Joyce Carol Oates 'Landfill'

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Drug addiction and abuse is an epidemic across all cultures. The relation between the two suggests an interrelated issue amidst the cultures. Culture and substance abuse is intertwined because of the publicity and romanticized image proliferated throughout media and personal experiences, particularly in Greek-life of college campuses. In Joyce Carol Oates’ short story Landfill, Hector Jr. is a clear victim of the glittered image of binge drinking. Today, and for many years, Greek-life culture on college campuses produce an environment that is conducive to drinking, underage or even legally. The picture painted in movies, TV shows, and even on campuses exhibit that alcohol is indicative of a fun time, and produce acceptance. Unfortunately, in this pro-drinking culture, partaking in binge drinking is more common. Hector Jr. is just one of many young people captivated by the cultural image of excessive binge drinking and all of the supposed great possibilities of it. It is naïve to assume that these occurrences are specific to fraternities on college campuses, however young adults are exposed most to this particular facet of drinking culture. The cultural aspect of addiction is related because of the positive and unrealistic…show more content…
Many people would not associate consistent drinking or weekend drinking with substance abuse, however in cases like Hector’s it is evident that the alcohol consumed is never in moderation. It is a cultural norm to ignore alcohol abuse as an issue whereas abusing narcotics or opiates is much more severely treated. Through Oates’ story Landfill, the reader is enlightened to the similarities and severity of alcohol abuse compared with other drugs. However, the topic culture is not likely to change in such a drastic way to prevent the abuse of these

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