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  • Bordering On Excellence Teaching Tool Analysis

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    Through completing this activity, I learned about the Bordering on Excellence teaching tool. Using this tool helps to meet the needs of twice-exceptional learners in both the regular and gifted classrooms. I liked that the articles covered how to meet both the gifted needs of the students, as well as accommodating for their learning disability. It covered how to get a child to think critically, even when they may not be able to write complete sentences. The most usefully part, as a busy educator

  • Sharon Begley Stuff Your Brain Summary

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    “Buff Your Brain” by Sharon Begley explains how a person’s IQ can change over years. According to the article, by training people with short-term-memory tasks like remembering letters that appear on a screen. In my opinion, just being able to remember some letters on a screen is not an indicator of how “smart” you are. Intelligence has more than one form and people aren’t just stupid or smart, period. Yes, working on short-term-memory can be a useful skill, however just because someone has a hard

  • Evaluate The Benefits Of Vaccine Research

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    fever of over 38.5 degrees Celsius, Hepatitis A vaccine can give you swelling, headaches, diarrhoea and nausea and vomiting and diarrhoea for up to a week from the rotavirus vaccine. As well as some people claim that these and other vaccines cause ADHD, multiple sclerosis and sudden infant death syndrome. Although these claims aren’t always linked to vaccines, there has been more claims relating to

  • Do All Plants Contain Gluten

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    peripheral neuropathy, inflammatory myopathies, myelopathies, headaches, and gluten encephalopathy. White matter abnormalities associated with gluten sensitivity have also been reported. Psychiatric disorders include anxiety, depressive and mood disorders, ADHD, ASD, schizophrenia, multiple sclerosis and myasthenia gravis. The article then discusses in detail the disorders and the findings from the observed studies.

  • Juvenile Justice Case Study

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    Probation means that the juvenile must follow conditions that are put in place for him/her and their family once they are released. The juvenile will be under the supervision of a probation officer with conditions such as meeting with their probation officer at school or in the community, phone contact on a daily basis, drug testing/counseling, mandatory attendance for school, a weekend curfew, and restitution. The time spent on probation could be for a specific amount of time or it could be open

  • Essay On Seating In The Classroom

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    Introduction Classrooms today are changing pace with an ever-evolving world where students are introduced to new technology and collaborative learning at a young age. Alongside this, individual differences exist in how students learn. Learning styles vary among students and one type of learning is not a one-size-fits-all approach that will reach each and every student. Recent studies in educational research have allowed researchers to develop understandings into different areas of classroom seating

  • Psychoactive Disorder Case Study

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    was, I concluded that his outer appearance is a big influence for this preference. He lives with his mother whom he adores very much and his older sister, which he also has a very close relationship with. Davin is currently taking Methylphenidate for ADHD. He’s cognitively delayed, has been in speech therapy since 2nd grade and is hypersensitive to some sounds-all placing him on the autistic spectrum. Despite all this he was very cooperative during the interview and shared as much as he could. Skimming

  • Down Syndrome Documentary

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    Through the efforts of HBO and associates, I was able to conduct a virtual observation of a child with special needs. HBO was able to create a meaningful documentary that showcased exactly what it was like for a child who had a certain disability: Down syndrome. This documentary was able to shed light on a disorder in an informal way in order to get the real experience of living with this disorder. In my experience I observed one male who had Down syndrome. I observed this child within a variety

  • Should Student Athletes Be Allowed To Engage In Sports

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    If student athletes were required to maintain a definite grade standard to participate in sports, a majority of skilled athletes wouldn’t be professional. DMS students should not be required to sustain a “B” average to be permitted to engage in recreation of sports because, some students struggle academically, causes added stress, and teams will lose valuable players. In what way is it just to students who struggle in the academic field already to be forced upon a new standard? It is a known fact

  • Research Paper On Nutella

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    important thing is that the Subtle. Less important is that these sugars are called neurotoxins because of their ability to cross the blood brain barrier and when that causes the death of brain cells. They are also associated with cases such as ADD, ADHD, autism, depression, anxiety, migraine and the