Psychoactive Disorder Case Study

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Davin is a 14 year old young man currently in the 8th grade. Davin is part white (from his mother’s side) and part Laotian. He prefers to be called Laotian or simply “Asian”. Although I was unable to get a direct answer to why this was, I concluded that his outer appearance is a big influence for this preference. He lives with his mother whom he adores very much and his older sister, which he also has a very close relationship with. Davin is currently taking Methylphenidate for ADHD. He’s cognitively delayed, has been in speech therapy since 2nd grade and is hypersensitive to some sounds-all placing him on the autistic spectrum. Despite all this he was very cooperative during the interview and shared as much as he could. Skimming over the ice-breaker…show more content…
He feels that things are more challenging at school now, for example, there is more competition in sports because people are faster and because there are try-outs. While he did not make the football team this year, he is very excited to become the mascot for his school. He finds learning in school difficult, but likes activities where he is doing things, when games are used and of course enjoys recess time. He feels the most difficult subjects are science and math because he doesn’t understand where he will use any of it in the future. Due to his learning disabilities, I believe he cannot not see the connection between the effort needed to achieve short term and long term goals. Short term, he wants to get better grades but does not have a plan to carry this out. Long term, he wants to makes lots of money to buy anything he wants, but again he does not seem to see a path to get him there. For a pre-pubescent male, the frontal lobe and the pre-frontal cortex are not yet fully developed and this could be related to why he has difficulty associating his current effort and ability in school with his much generalized future

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