Fish Oil Research Paper

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FISH OIL Fish oil is oil acquired from the tissues of fish that are oily. Fish oils accommodate the omega-3 acids eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), precursors of assertive eicosanoids that are accepted to reduce deepening in the body. The fish acclimated as sources do not in fact aftermath omega-3 fatty acids, but instead accrue them by arresting either microalgae or casualty angle that accept accumulated omega-3 fatty acids, calm with a top abundance of antioxidants such as iodide and selenium, from microalgae, area these antioxidants are able to assure the brittle polyunsaturated lipids from peroxidation. NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION It has a rich source of Vitamin A, Protein Fish Oil contains a lot of calorie values It is also rich in…show more content…
Reduce the risk of heart diseases and heart arrhythmias. It as well lowers bad cholesterol (LDL), increases good cholesterol (HDL). Fish oil prevents the accession of triglycerides and added reduces the excess triglycerides. For coronary patients it helps to prevent atherosclerosis. Helps to prevent strokes Regular usage prevents sudden cardiac death Weight Loss: Fish oil helps to lose weight. Improve the adeptness of exercise in attempts to abate weight. Exercise accumulated with fish oil had an absolute effect on physique appearance. Improved Immunity: Boost Immune System Resist accustomed diseases like colds, coughs and the flu. Fish oil is as well benign to patient adversity from lupus, which is an autoimmune disease characterized by the allowed arrangement advancing its own organs and tissues. Fish oil helps to reduce associated fever, skin rashes and fatigue.

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