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As part of my undergraduate work psychology majors were required to complete a 100 hour practicum in their field. I was able to work at the Donaldson Wellness Center in Waxahachie, Texas as an undergraduate intern. I worked under the supervision of a Katherine Donaldson Ph.D., Nicole Keehn Psy. D., and Anthony Bean who at the time was a Ph.D. intern completing his hours. Working under each of these individuals allowed me to experience different perspectives into the world of psychology. I had the opportunity to work with Dr. Donaldson on a child play therapy session and learn from her about how you would analyze this therapy time. I was also able to work with her on the process of picking doctoral internship candidates and what she looked for in candidates. I was able to work with Dr. Keehn on multiple cases throughout my time with the center. I was able to sit in on cognitive behavioral therapy session, sexual addiction sessions, and anxiety disorder sessions. This allowed me to sit at times as a silent observer to watch the process or at the request of Dr. Keehn take part in the session. I learned what details should be written for behavior observations and what details might not play a role in some cases. With Dr.…show more content…
I was able to observe and take part in many tests, including; the WISC, mood system checklist, BASK, NICHQ, Tree House Person, ADOS, and the CLEF. I was able to use templates from the doctors to write up many of these tests for reports and have them checked for errors. I had the opportunity to score test and work with their manuals. As an intern we worked with handling patient records and reading through cases with treatment plans. The entire intern group was given the chance to interview the doctors on ethics of the practice. Our group of interns were also invited to attend a presentation for the transgender clinic at the Veterans Affairs Hospital in Dallas,

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