ADHD Chapter 6 Summary

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In chapter 6 we are understanding and identifying the characteristics of ADHD attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. After child is diagnosed with ADHD services surrounding special education and IEP's are provided. Studies of shown that in the last 15 years that the brains attention and Inhibition have decreased with the control. Therapy of cognition behavior is incorporated with technics of self-evaluation, self correction, and self talk that are shown to be effective with additional medical treatment. The daily tasks for parents of students with ADHD may be completely frustrating. Just completing the homework assignment could be negatively influenced because of the students high expectations from parents. Very sad part for the students that have ADHD the they may not…show more content…
ADHD students do score high on intellectual test with a learning disability present. The tips that I must remember for effective instruction to promote effective completion of assignments, provide structure for on task behavior, support self-management skills, and utilize effective teaching techniques. The classroom management tips that I found useful are managing the physical environment, preventing problem behaviors, supporting student Independence, and intervening for problem behaviors. The causes of a ADHD is unknown and it may come from many different sources .Substance abuse prenatally may cause risk factors but the evidence is not clear. Having a plan to self regulate, along with behaviors inappropriate manner are associated with the frontal lobe and prefrontal cortex of the brain. Guess what if your uncle Tom has ADHD there's a good chance it could be passed down to his son or daughter with his

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