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In the Multi- informant/ Multi-methodology study "What is the Social Impact of ADHD in Girls? A Multi-Method Assessment" this study was used to determine how social interactions impact girls with ADHD and girls with ADHD plus ODD. The researchers found their participants using local advertisement, and ADHD support groups. The participants were a group of 80 girls’ ages ranging from 9-12. 18 of the girls had ADHD only, 22 of the girls had ADHD + ODD, and the other 40 girls were the control group. The ADHD group had three criteria they had to fall under. First, girls had to be diagnosed with ADHD by a qualified doctor. Second, all mothers had to agree to take their daughters off their medication 24 hours prior to the study. Third, girls had to meet DSM-IV ADHD criteria.…show more content…
The researchers used the mothers, teachers, and a computer simulation game to measure the girls’ overt aggression, Relational aggression, prosocial behavior, and awkward interactions. The mothers had to complete a (Child behavior checklist) was used to measure behavioral problems in children the checklist had 114 questions that parents had to rate their kids from never true, too often, or always true, the teachers had to complete (Children's social behavior scale-teacher form) was used to measure overt and relational aggression. "Girl's Club" (laboratory paradigm of aggression) is a simulated computer game to evaluate aggression in girls in a controlled setting. The girls were told that the girls they were playing against where in another room in the same building, and they would meet at the end of the

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