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What’s life not being able to fit into society? A gangster incarcerated could sure know what that feels like. Being in jail with no hope of being able to fit into society is what every inmate probably has in mind. Kevin Davis is one of those guys, also known as Killa Kev a man convicted for a shooting in Brownsville. Davis is one of the men who wanted to change and get back into society. In Zebratown he gives his story about what it was like going back into society after being released. Davis is a street thug from Brownsville with a heavily intimidating image. The fact that Davis has such reputation and street ego doesn’t work so much to his advantage when it comes to getting back into society, but he would do anything to survive. Kevin Davis was always a street guy raised in Brownsville in Brooklyn. Brownsville is an urban area where crime and violence could be seen daily. For Davis to survive, or stay “safe” living in Brownsville he had to be tougher than the rest. This led to show he had no remorse…show more content…
Well, after being out of prison, Davis has to come to realize his own family doesn’t see who they thought Davis was, but a street thug. “I wasn’t even the same person from the letters that I sent. I was an alien to her. And she was different too.”(Pg55) Davis mother sees him to be someone else because of what he went to prison for being a criminal in her eyes. This is probably a hard time for Davis. Not only is society something he has felt isn’t for him, his family has detached themselves from him even being like a family member. Having a family would be like at least a type of support sort of being a normal person of society, but in Davis case this wouldn’t be. This shows that having a thug reputation has some disadvantage. It has affected his personal life disconnected him from society and family making Davis feel alone when everyone needs their

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