Year Round School Advantages

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It is a week before summer break and students are being rowdy, impatient, and annoyed. The teachers are yelling at them to sit down and focus, while students can only think about sleeping in and going on vacation. Meanwhile in California, students are sitting in their classrooms patiently listening and making much better grades. The difference between these schools is one has the option of year-round schooling and the other does not. Students can benefit from Year-round schooling by getting more time for learning and improving their education. Students also can enhance their social skills. It is not only good for students, teachers can achieve more financial benefits and learn more about the students. Last but not least, parents get a chance to actually save money and have confidence that their…show more content…
Year-round schooling is more beneficial for students, teachers, and parents. There are several educational benefits to year round schools. One of those to students is that students get a full twelve months of classroom instruction. Teachers can expand their yearly planning without having to figure out how to get a year’s worth of material into a nine month school year. They can start a lesson and be assured they have enough time to finish it. Another benefit to year round school is that it gives students more time to focus on their studies. A student will retain more knowledge if their mind stays active and focused. Students tend to get relaxed during long stretches away from school. It is easy for students to get lazy during the summer months with all that summer has to offer. It often takes a while to get back into learning mode after a three month break from school. I believe that year round school would alleviate a lot of these issues. Another benefit to students comes from the

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