Argo Movie Analysis

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Movies that are based on true stories are not always 100 percent accurate. In order to create a film that will captivate the audience’s attention and keep it while entertaining them, they change a few things from the real story. The reason Hollywood says “based on a true story,” instead of saying that the movie is a true story, is because they do not want to make the audience unhappy when they are expecting one story plot and watch another on the big screen. Actor and director, Ben Affleck, said in regards to the movie Argo “because we say it’s based on a true story, rather than this is a true story, we’re allowed to take some dramatic license. There’s a spirit of truth” (Johnson). Hollywood makes all the movies have a dramatic storyline for the audience, so they would rather change it and have it a little, or a lot, different than have it be completely accurate and true. “So why change it? Especially when you’re putting it right out on the title card at the beginning…show more content…
In reality, Sean and Leigh Ann saw Michael getting off the bus during Thanksgiving break on a cold morning. He was only wearing a t-shirt and a pair of cut off jeans going to Briarcrest’s gymnasium for warmth. Shockingly and out of instinct, Leigh Ann when encountering Michael on the side of the road, asked him if he had a place to stay for the night. When Michael said he did, Leigh Ann told him not to lie to her, which made him tell the truth and admit to her that he did not have a place to stay for the night, and she insists he come and stay at their house in the movie. The real Leigh Ann went to Briarcrest the next day to pick Michael up and she took him shopping because she observed that he was wearing the same clothing she had seen on him the day

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