Importance Of Dog Training

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Dog Training - Why and How to Train Dogs By Peter Proud | Submitted On January 22, 2011 Recommend Article Article Comments 1 Print Article Share this article on Facebook Share this article on Twitter Share this article on Google+ Share this article on Linkedin Share this article on StumbleUpon Share this article on Delicious Share this article on Digg Share this article on Reddit Share this article on Pinterest Pit bulls can become faithful companions and important members of the family but dog training can be quite a task for these pit bull-owners initially. This is because not many people know why and how to teach their dogs how to behave. Owners can benefit from dog training in several ways. Pit bull training involves teaching your…show more content…
Most breeds should be trained when they are 6 to 8 weeks old. The mode and length of pit bull training depends on the type of breed and the individual dog. Some dogs may be harder to train than others and pet owners should keep this mind while training them. Positive and negative reinforcement in dog training Many people do not realize that both positive and negative reinforcement is part of effective dog training. In addition, many people lack the discipline and patience to correct their dog's behavior every time it messes up. Positive reinforcement is rewarding the dog with a treat or praise when it obeys your commands and shows good behavior. Negative reinforcement means that the owner should withhold or take away the reward if the dog decides to disobey the owner. The main purpose is to help the dog associate treats or rewards with good behavior so that they repeat it. Persistence, patience and…show more content…
For instance if your dogs barks excessively, it is worthwhile to note the reasons for doing so. If the dog is barking to get your attention, then simply ignoring your dog while it is barking will do the trick, whereas if your dog is bored form sitting around then tiring it out with exercises will solve the problem. Dog training does not come naturally to all. First time dog owners need to get all the information they can on dog training from books, videos online, or professional trainers to make sure that they enjoy their companion. Dog training is a long process and at the end of it, your pet should understand that praise and treats need to be earned. There are certain behavior patterns like jumping on beds or couches without being called are out of limits and should be adhered to. Pet owners also need to learn that they need to be in control and not let their dogs control them. Although confrontation is not always the best option to control your pet, dog training teach spoil how they can be both firm and loving at the same time in order to get their dogs

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