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The guards forced me to lay down on my belly, somehow managing to stomach my hurt filled shrieks. My pain filled eyes caught theirs as I watched them pull out the syringe. As they held me down, I shook and cried out when the needle came close. When they finally got it in, I slumped and stopped moving. My breathing slowed and a darkness came over me. When I finally came to again, I awoke to the sound of my name being yelled over and over again. 'Cass! Oh god... May! Get over here! Oh Cassandra,' called April, one of my cellmates. I felt my straw filled mattress underneath me and when I opened my eyes, they were blinded by the dim, yellow light of our cell. I stared into April's green eyes as she placed her delicate hands on my forehead. She…show more content…
"maybe because they're monsters!" May ran up to the bars of the cell door and starting screaming. "Why do you do it, huh? Why?" "MAY!" April screamed. She ran up and pulled May away from the cell door. My eyes followed them as April pushed May to the floor and I watched her scared eyes look at the looming shadows coming towards our door. But before they came any closer, a black curtain seemed to fall over my eyes and I passed out…show more content…
I slowly crawled off the mattress and stood. I walked over to the basin and stared at myself in the dusty old mirror. My lanky figure and my straight, tawny hair reminded me instantly of my sister, and the reason why I was in here. I was reminded of the times when we sat at the dinner table, just the two of us. As she looked at her plate, almost empty, she looked at me with pain. That's why I got thrown in jail. I remember myself staring at the loaf of bread that was sitting on the table, $5 for the loaf. All I was thinking of was my sister's joy at the bread as it sat on our wobbly little table at home. I didn't have the money, but while the shopkeepers back was turned, I stole the loaf. Turns out that someone had seen me, and reported me to the police. I was arrested later on. The police were a storm busting down our front door. I almost didn't surrender, because I knew my sister needed me. If I could get away, if I could escape and bring my sister with me, I knew she could survive. But on her own, I didn't know if she was strong enough. But eventually the police overpowered me and I was thrown in jail. Where I am now. I was shocked back to reality by the sound of my cell door slamming shut. A rough voice told me it was time for another injection, and I was pulled to my

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