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This is my final paper for Michael’s class on the topic how to do good, high quality qualitative research. Qualitative research is a broad field which uses unstructured data collection methods, such as interviews, surveys or observations, documents to find themes and meanings in order to find a better understanding of the world. It tends to uncover different reasons in fields, instead of just looking for details of, what, where, and why. In addition, qualitative research is done in many disciplines such as healthcare, businesses, and social science and is a feature of nearly every workplace or any other environment. My thesis statement for this topic is that in order to do good, high quality qualitative research we need a good research process.…show more content…
18). Moreover, while doing your conceptual framework part of the study you should also think of questions such as “What theories, beliefs, and prior research findings will guide or inform your research, and what literature, preliminary studies, and personal experiences will you draw on for understanding the people or issues you are studying? What often is referred to as “research problem” is part of the conceptual framework, what's more, figuring the exploration issue is regularly seen as a key errand in planning a study. It is a piece of a reasonable structure on the grounds that it distinguishes something that is happening in the planet, something that is itself tricky or that has results that are tricky. The research question must answer what specifically you want to learn or understand by doing that specific study. The research question is the one with the most influence than any other part of the study. This serves two main functions to the study: help you focus the study better like making the relationship between goals and conceptual framework, and secondly, give directions how to conduct the study, by telling the relationship…show more content…
Firstly, set a goal and have a clear thought on what you are doing the study. Secondly, figuring the exploration in the conceptual framework part of the study in order to know what is going on in the world for the moment in that particular topic of the study. Additionally, the most important part of the study is having a research question. This will be the question that answers what you specifically wanted to know from the start of the study. Further, you need to know the methods you are going to use, such as surveys, interviews, who you are going to interview and what kind of sources you are going to use. And finally, one must think of the validity of the study, if people are going to believe it, and what will happen if the conclusion might be wrong. “The research not only needs to have all the required parts, it also has to work, to function smoothly and accomplish its tasks.” (Maxwell,

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