Word Of Mouth Literature Review

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Literature Review: Word of mouth is a powerful weapon in the hands of marketers, it was defined at 1967 by Arndt as exchanging information between users and nonusers of a certain product or service, at 2001 it was defined by Harrison-Walker as "encompasses both the roles of communication between consumers- information flow, and interpersonal influence in purchase decision"(Review Of Marketing Research P.99). Those two definitions don't contradict, but they show the evolution of understanding the word of mouth, as it doesn't only giving information about a product or a service but also it affects the purchase decision among customers and their referrals. Nowadays companies discovered that to create controversy and viral marketing activities…show more content…
At some point the information about a product don't need to be promoted, but people talk about the products and promote those products on their daily life's conversations. This is how viral and word-of-mouth are deeply connected. The harmful trick if this word of mouth is negative, it could be like poison as it will grow to reach everyone in a little amount of time. Negative words of mouth could destroy brands forever because people trust themselves more than companies. (Robert Cordray). Controversial marketing strategies; To ease sending companies messages' companies may choose to surprise the demographic target audience to reach their minds quickly and effectively. Think of "Dove soap’s True Beauty" campaign .They used an artist to draw pictures and put two ways to make woman describe themselves if they see themselves beautiful or average. Beside the sales generated due to this successful campaign they succeeded to raise on the top of their targeted audiences viral, which was helpful for dove branding.(Robert…show more content…
Interchanges must a chance to be different with the end goal those advertisement, and the unforeseen factor, to hold its power, Likewise Assuming that it will be seen as comparable will other, additional standard, correspondence it will a chance to be rejected. Uncertainty may be Additionally basic toconsumer engagement with unforeseen publicizing Concerning illustration purchasers must have the ability should draw numerous interpretations of the notice for it should look after its stun factor; Notices that need aid totally unambiguity will Additionally make rejected. Finally, societies’ standards Furthermore taboos must be tested Toward the correspondence to it on be shocking, for these constantly characterized as ‘rules that a distinct must follow’ (Virvilaite What's more Matuleviciene, 2013). Stun publicizing is attributed Eventually Tom's perusing exactly as a strategy formed Toward the clothes mark Benetton (Virvilaite Furthermore Matuleviciene, 2013). Benetton effectively utilized its stun publicizing crusades with express its particular organization logic What's more social worries (Giroux, 1994). Those

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