Tsukamoto Fuzzy Analysis Method

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Tsukamoto Fuzzy Analysis Method for Determining the Level of Health Body Nurul Khairina Master of Computer Science, Fasilkom-IT USU Jl. University No. 9 Campus USU Medan - 20155 nurulkhairina27@gmail.com Fuzzy logic abstraction is often used to solve problems that are considered to have a vague notion. One method of fuzzy logic is fuzzy Tsukamoto. Fuzzy Tsukamoto using fuzzification, inference, application issues to the rules and defuzzification in completing a permalahan. Tsukamoto fuzzy method using an AND operation (minimum) to produce α¬-predicate of any existing rules and calculate the value of Z as an end result that affect the solution of problems. Tsukamoto fuzzy method of analysis to the problem of determining the level of health,…show more content…
In every human body temperature varies, the body temperature also depends on the age of the man. The child's body temperature newborns, toddlers, children, adolescents, adults, the elderly, and the elderly, all levels of this age have a body temperature that is not the same. Infants and children have a higher body temperature than in adults, the elderly and the elderly. Body temperature tends to decrease when the age is getting older man. Data from studies that have been conducted Mackowiak, Wasserman, and Levin which measure the body temperature of 65 men and 65 women in 1992, infants aged between 0-3 years and children aged 1-5 years have a body temperature of 37.5 oC and 37.0 oC. However, different results with the body temperature of adults and seniors, adults have a body temperature 36,4oC while the elderly aged over 70 years only have 36,0oC body temperature. In the present study, the authors wanted to examine the level of health of a person is based on the relationship of age and its body temperature by using fuzzy…show more content…
II. LITERATURE REVIEW 2.1 Fuzzy Logic Fuzzy or more commonly known as fuzzy logic was first introduced at the University of California at Berkeley in 1965 by Prof. Lutfi Asker Zadeh in his writings on the theory of fuzzy sets. According Kusumadewi and Purnomo, fuzzy logic is an appropriate way to map the input space into an output space [5]. Fuzzy logic is a way to find solutions to the problems that are considered vague. In solution, fuzzy logic using language such as "rather high", "high", "a little heat", "hot", and so on. There are three methods in fuzzy logic, namely fuzzy Mamdani, Sugeno fuzzy and fuzzy Tsukamoto. A fuzzy set theory, fuzzy set which have the degree of membership between 0 and 1, and are often written [0 1] and symbolized by μ. Degree of membership in the fuzzy expressed by the membership function represented by the curve that has the interval between 0 and 1. Here's one example of a trapezoidal membership function curve: Figure 1. Membership function curve Trapezoid In general, fuzzy has four stages in solving the problems, namely: 1.

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