Women In Pakistan Case Study

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After the dictatorial rule of General Yahya, elections were held in Pakistan on March 7,1977. The Pakistan People’s Party won the elections but incriminated by their opposition of rigging elections. In reaction to protests, an agreement was made between Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto government and Alliance but it could not be enforced. Before the newly announced election, the chief of army staff General Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq imposed martial law in country. In 1979, General Zia disqualified certain political leaders and paralyzed political parties to gain legitimacy in the name of islamisation. During Zia’s martial law, the economic growth was not so decent because of the policies and actions that were taken to Islamise the whole structure of state. The decade of 1980 was also considered as a decade of exploitation of rights of Pakistani women. In the name of islamisation, Zia configured certain policies to sabotage the legal rights of women, educational facilities, career opportunities, freedom of expression and protection from harassment by males. That exhilarated the women to take action for protection of their rights. The military actions and policies against women bucked up the intolerant and wicked persons to take laws into hands and harass women in…show more content…
Women were prevented from getting education because women’s education was considered a serious threat to Zia’s islamisation policies. Women were only given education that was thought to be suited for making them good housewives. Women were not given higher education that might prepare them for professional or academic careers or jobs in government, commerce or industry, jobs in factory and government. Certain proposals that threatened women’s access to higher education included segregation of women within ‘women’s universities.’ Requirement of higher grades were also an impediment for women in getting admission to science courses in universities or places in medical

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