Women In Latino Culture

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Who dictates what is, or should be appropriate in Latino culture for women to wear in public places? The dress code established in many public places such as malls limits a women’s creativity and form of expressing personalities. Although these regulations exist, in Latino culture women are shamed for any little aspect of their clothes that society does not agree with, making them feel undesirable for being who they are. Normal dress codes for work can be a pant suit, blazer, skirt beneath the knee, and closed shoes. In the case of a public figure, women get questioned about what they are wearing, or who they are dating while men get questions about their job. Women shouldn’t have to be asked about their personal life or choice of wardrobe,…show more content…
Researchers at the University of Florida found that “the most pressing barrier is an overemphasis on how they should look”. A Latino women reporter is more likely to get a compliment on her appearance in the report than the actual report. They are treated as an object just because of how they look, not on how smart they are. Latino women are viewed as dumb and loud because of how television has portrayed them. Television shows us that Latino women dress sexier because of their curves and are viewed as objects because of it. Not everyone in the Latino culture shares the same opinion on how a women should dress. Latina columnist Mariel Dabbah, believes revealing clothing has a certain setting and should not be used in order to work. There is a minority that believes women should dress differently for work than in any other public place, and that clothes are labelled in sexiness. There is no right or wrong way to dress. For something to be right or wrong is has to do with your beliefs, whether you classify it as you will. How you view how someone dresses is totally subjective, it is your point of view of what you see sexiness and formal

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