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Why is it difficult for many Latino families to accept homosexuality and the roles of women? Homosexuality could be seen as a wrong doing to many and a normal doing to others, but why do many people believe that homosexuality is unethical? Are there reasons as to why it makes it an unethical behavior? There is a large Latino population who are very religious and believe that marrying the opposite sex is the way human beings should marry. This belief and value has been passed down to families over time because it is considered a tradition. Catholic families such as mine follow this tradition where it was only allowed to marry the opposite sex but since it’s 2015 and times are changing then it is less likely for families to disapprove homosexuality.…show more content…
Sexism is the prejudice, stereotype, or discrimination on the basis of sex. In the film Tal Como Somos, there is guy name David, who feels discriminated by his own mother when she tells him to get out of her life because she freaks out about his truth. “There she was in the living room with pictures and she was crying and I walked in and froze” (David). She starts calling him some awful names such as Maricon, Coño, and Pato. There are many cases like this one where the parent just kicks them out because in their mind they think it will bring shame to the family so they would just let them go. In the story,” Only Daughter,” the stereotype of being a Latina woman, according to Cisneros father is to be someone’s wife. “What I didn’t realize was that my father thought college was good for girls--good for finding a husband” (Only Daughter 97). He doesn’t feel that there is much a woman should do and be than being a wife and be home makers, ensuring that the home and children are adequately cared for while men work outside of the home. He probably feels this way because his wife and his ancestors followed this woman stereotype and they were most likely taught to be that way. But times are changing and Cisneros feels that she can make a change for the better than following that

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