Essay On Being Mexican American

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Being Mexican-American I have struggled with the idea of having only one culture, Mexican or American, than both. I did not feel like I had the right to view myself as Mexican because I was not born in the country, but I did not feel like I was only American. The combatting two cultures that merge together as one is why I view myself as Mexican-American and Latina. My family made sure I knew of my Latino roots, the history and hardships of my ancestors. During the summer I went to a small, and sunny town of San Miguel where my mom was from. The town was so small and traditional, everyone went to church on Sundays and then to the plaza. Due to the trips was able to connect myself with my ancestors as I walked the paths they did as well, the…show more content…
My mother influenced me in which through her I saw a working class women, who worked hard to make sure that her children would grow up to have a better childhood than she did, she taught me that ambition, drive and passion must be applied to a job. On the other hand, my father was Mexican-American like me, he did not face the hardships like my mother, but he did teach me to form my own opinions by never opposing his on me; he wanted me to view the world with innocent eyes and form opinions as I went on in the world. I grew up seeing my dad being involved with the community, if it were the high school districts or the local hospitals. My parents were influential in my life because through them I saw how Latinos can become successful. My dad began teaching mexican-american history at a young age, he told me the stories of how my great-grandfather fought alongside Pancho Villa. I knew of the obstacles of being a mexican immigrant from my mother, who emigrated from Mexico at a young age. My parents tried their best to make sure I never felt like I could not succeed because I am Latino, even though in the media and politics I did not see people who looked like
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