Gender Roles In Latino Women

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In Latino households, families tend to be protective of females because they tend to value virginity (Villarruel 69). A Latina womaen’s gender role is characterized as being a housewife, a mother, and submissive to the male (Galanti 180). On the other hand, Latino men often follow the traditional gender roles, in which include characteristics such as machismo and patriarchal authority (Galanti 180). The connection between the discrepancy leads to clear meaning regarding the value of women and men in Latino households. The gender roles assigned to Latina women in order to “protect” them creates problematic consequences if Latina women decide to follow or not follow their assigned gender role. Latina women are traditionally perceived as being…show more content…
Verbal abuse is .. (). , they are more prominent to experience psychological abuse. Hass et al. includes intimidation, dominance, verbal threats, economic abuse, isolation, child related abuse, and emotional abuse to define psychological abuse (104). Around sixty percent of Latinas experienced psychological abuse that dealt with the another person wanting to dominate, while forty percent of Latinas experience emotional and verbal psychological abuse (Hass et al. 104). The symptoms of verbal abuse can include “left feeling anxiety, anger, stress, inadequacy, and depression” (Brennan 16). In Latino culture, mMales are traditionally seen as having to dominate over all others, in Latino culture, in order to be a “man”, while Latinas are to be submissive to them man in order to be a “woman”. In a survey conducted by Zayas et al, Latinas adolescents that were Latinas were stressed because their parents discovered their sexual activity (281). The cause of young Latinas’ stress about their sexual activity is the value that virginity has to most Latinos. An example of this is when Latino men are able to “break off an engagement [if he discovers] that his intended [is] not a virgin” (Socolow 68). Socolow describes the value of virginity as being an honorable thing to have and if it was publically noted that a woman was no longer a virgin then she “closed the option of marriage to anyone other than her lover” (68). This suggest that once a Latina woman loses her virginity isolation is expected from the rest of the Latino men community because if he were to discover that she is no longer a virgin he can call off any engagement they had. Once a person loses their virginity dishonor is also another variablevaraible that other do not want to be associated

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